Sotheby’s Sells Billy Meier UFO Photos for $16,500!

Buyer scammed, same photos available for years…for only a few dollars!


We, the people of earth, need to get our priorities straight, though it appears that time has completely run out for such a possibility to occur. Our first impulse is to try to profit financially from any and everything that comes our way…including the best evidence of extraterrestrial space travelers we’ve ever seen.

Sotheby’s Auctions Billy Meier UFO Photos

Naturally, when speaking about such evidence, we’re automatically referring to Billy Meier’s UFO photos from the 1970s. [...]  READ MORE

Apophis, the Moon and Mohammed

Setting the record straight on things unknown to the people of Earth

The newest installment of the interview with me in the Express, regarding asteroid Apophis, was published today.

Because the Express is a middle-market newspaper, one that “caters to readers who want some entertainment, as well as the coverage of important news events”, some people may feel that scientists who could benefit from Billy Meier’s information about the real dangers of Apophis will not see, or take the information seriously.  [...]  READ MORE