Did Billy Meier Hoax the Talmud Jmmanuel?

There’s no credible evidence that anyone named “Jesus Christ” ever existed

Let’s take a look at two similar stories, supposedly published about 1,964 years apart. The most familiar story is the Book of Matthew, from the New Testament (NT), and the lesser known one is the Talmud Jmmanuel (TJ), first published by Billy Meier in German, in 1978, and then in English in the 1980s.

Before we concern ourselves if either one is a true story, let’s consider some other aspects and questions. In doing so, we want to view them both as stories that purport to involve real historical events. [...]  READ MORE

Forbidden Topics

Here’s a little note on why I have put up blogs for discussion pertaining to crop circles, astrology, etc.

We have to remember that Billy Meier has indeed said to not believe anything, including what he or the Plejaren say, as our friend Dyson has frequently reminded us. Of course we occasionally get a little cognitive dissonance here when we discuss and/or favor positions different from what we understand that Meier and/or the Plejaren espouse.

Both crop circles and astrology are good examples because, in the case of astrology, I was attacked for even daring to discuss something because of all of its tabloid superficiality, fortune-telling associations, as well as the clear information from Meier about how inaccurate our known versions are, and in the case of the crop circles, the same people who quoted Meier and admonished me were the ones (okay, the main one) who most vocally opposes Meier’s information about the causes and parties behind many of their formations. [...]  READ MORE