“Alien” Anything, Part 2

Below is a response from a questioner to my seemingly harsh and critical email requesting him to substantiate his claims that “we’re “dealing with beings that are very different from us, etc.” He was offended by my response to him but to his credit, he wrote back, referred to some of my own remarks he found insulting, and I followed up with this:


First, thanks for writing back. I want to answer your points and do so directly without any intentional insults. I’m also going to address a few points that I too have to live with if the Billy Meier UFO  case is to be considered credible, let alone the standard by which all other claims of ET contact are to be measured. [...]  READ MORE

More International Support for MUFON Investigation of Billy Meier UFO Case!

Alexandra Bruce just sent the email below to her extensive, international network in support of the cooperative effort between MUFON and me to investigate the Billy Meier UFO contact case.

There has been total rejection and complete enmity between the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which has chapters throughout the US and in the world vs. the worldwide community which supports the work of Billy Meier, the one-armed Swiss farmer and lifelong contactee, starting in 1942 and ongoing with members of an advanced off- planetary civilization whom he refers to as the “Plejaren,” often mistakenly referred to as “Pleiadians,” which Meier forcefully denies. [...]  READ MORE


This is a follow up to my earlier blog updating my communications with MUFON and its executive director Jan Harzan. In my communications with Jan, I explained to him why I’ve bothered to go through all of the trouble, including making a lot of trouble, to get MUFON to participate in examining the Billy Meier UFO case.

The reason is simple, the more people who can become aware of the Meier case and investigate it for themselves, the more it may still be possible to alter some of the otherwise unalterable situations and consequences of unwise actions set in motion by human beings for a very long time. In simple terms, as I told him, I’m trying to do my part to prove the prophecies wrong. People like Jan and I aren’t the ones who will most likely face the worst of what may be on the horizon. It’s our children, grandchildren, etc. [...]  READ MORE


I am glad to announce that I am in discussion with the leadership of MUFON about the Billy Meier UFO case. I have informed them that there are at least three more highly credible professionals in the fields of science and technology, who are now endorsing the authenticity of the Meier case and its evidence. These people wish to stay in the background for now but may be willing to participate in a public presentation with MUFON regarding the authenticity of the case.

SInce my contacts at MUFON have assured me that there is no willful complicity at this time with any parties to hide or suppress the Meier case, they also agree that this is indeed the most propitious time to make a definitive assessment and publicly express their position. I have asked that should MUFON disagree that the case is authentic, they present credible evidence that supports an opposing position and substantiates any claims against the authenticity of Meier’s evidence. [...]  READ MORE

Astronomer Discovered Pluto…but MUFON Can’t Discover the Meier Case?

It’s true, back on February 18, 1930, Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered Pluto (although it actually was there long before he discovered it). While Pluto’s a mere 3.67 billion miles away, and the telescopes of Tombaugh’s day were primitive compared to today, he still did a better job than MUFON has in discovering the Billy Meier UFO case, which is one finger click away on a computer.

I bring this up because I had a call from a very sweet woman at MUFON who informed me about this year’s symposium and invited me to buy vendor space there. I was a vendor at last year’s event and had some interesting interactions there, which also included my successfully “pleading the Meier case” to a judge, as I describe in And Did They Listen? [...]  READ MORE