Below is a response from a questioner to my seemingly harsh and critical email requesting him to substantiate his claims that “we’re “dealing with beings that are very different from us, etc.” He was offended by my response to him but to his credit, he wrote back, referred to some of my own remarks he… Read More

This is a follow up to my earlier blog updating my communications with MUFON and its executive director Jan Harzan. In my communications with Jan, I explained to him why I’ve bothered to go through all of the trouble, including making a lot of trouble, to get MUFON to participate in examining the Billy Meier… Read More

I am glad to announce that I am in discussion with the leadership of MUFON about the Billy Meier UFO case. I have informed them that there are at least three more highly credible professionals in the fields of science and technology, who are now endorsing the authenticity of the Meier case and its evidence.… Read More

Two new interviews about the Billy Meier case, including the current situation regarding MUFON, are now online. One is with Wendy Garrett and the other with Scott Teeters. I think both hosts did a good job in knowing about the information and giving the interviews, etc.… Read More