Coronavirus Information from Contact 251 

Excerpts containing specific reference to coronavirus, China, bioweapons

NOTE: The singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts are still ongoing, in Switzerland, for over 78 years. In fact, the real UFO cover-up, which is solely about Meier’s contacts, is now over and the truth is finally beginning to emerge.

While Meier’s over 1,200, still irreproducible, pre-digital era UFO photos, films, video, etc., have been independently analyzed and authenticated by experts at NASA, JPL, USGS, McDonnell Douglas, IBM, USAF OSI, etc., the scientific information, provided to him by the Plejaren extraterrestrials, underscores the purpose of the contacts, i.e. to help us assure our own very threatened future survival.   [...]  READ MORE

We Told You So Moments

You may already know, be living next to, or even be one of the Pod People yourself

The doubters of the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts are akin to climate deniers, flat earthers, skeptics, etc. They stubbornly cling to their unscientific prejudicial premises in the face of all substantiated evidence to the contrary. This primitive, greatly underdeveloped kind of thinking is actually one of the reasons that we, the people of Earth, have had to receive the truth in small doses, often inserted obliquely into our overly aggressive, easily enraged, violence prone world. [...]  READ MORE