Apocalyptic Consequences of more Arctic Methane Release

Corroborates Billy Meier’s 1989 information on methane danger

In Dahr Jamail’s most recent of several articles dealing with the danger from methane gas, he discusses a recent report warning about the potentially apocalyptic consequences of more Arctic methane release.

Mr. Jamail has been doing important investigative work in this field for some time. His article also quotes Natalia Shakhova, whose comments immediately establish that she too understands the dire nature of the situation and the danger from large, “non-gradual” methane releases. Neither of them appear to have compromised their interest in the truth for material considerations, such as is the case with so many scientists (and others) who are climate change deniers, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Earthquakes, Fracking Folly & Rising Sea Levels

The media doesn’t want you to see it but it’s still happening

We’ve been warned by Billy Meier, since 1951, about the dangers of earthquakes, sinkholes and volcanic eruptions and their connection to the building of large cities, dams and the extraction of petroleum and gas, mining, etc.

Some warnings have been quite specific, like the coming Northwest and La Palma earthquakes and tsunamis. And Meier also foretold the shortsighted foolishness of people (number 127.) who would return to places destroyed by such cataclysms and repeat their folly by rebuilding in vulnerable areas (such as we’ve already seen in the New Orleans area). [...]  READ MORE

Happy Earth Day…Really?

UPDATE: April 23, 2015

Man-made earthquakes increasing in central and eastern U.S., study finds

Even people who are familiar with the information contained within the Billy Meier case may not know that he first published warnings about manmade environmental destruction in 1948…when he was 11 years old (and that we showed in as the time fulfills).

The Law of Causality

The fact that people are surprised at even the little that they know about the real extent of the current environmental situation shows how ignorant we are about the immutable Law of Causality. We fail to see what really should be obvious. We live on a nice little ball, a speck of cosmic lint on which everything is interconnected, despite our myopic inability to grasp the concept. So the water shortage problems in Brazil are also related to the dust storms in Eastern Europe and China and, like the water shortages now hitting this country, have mostly manmade causes. [...]  READ MORE

The Seizing of the Seas

As the Law of Causality inevitably fulfills itself, the wise among us turn to the spiritual teaching

In 1951, Billy Meier foretold:

“And also therewith overpopulation will bear the guilt, because overpopulation will become monstrously negative and will thereby give rise to an unnatural climate change that in only one decade from today will already begin to effect the world very detrimentally.”

While the profit greedy and unthinking continue to deny both the causes and effects, like the proverbial dyke, there are now simply too many holes to plug to prevent the truth from flooding through, even in the mainstream press[...]  READ MORE

Slapping Ourselves Upside the Head

UPDATE, November 29, 2014: Drought-hit Sao Paulo may ‘get water from mud’: TRFN

For more than 10 years I’ve referred to the Billy Meier case as “the key to our future survival”. While I’ve also pointed out that it’s the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case, spanning more than 72 years, I’ve tried to make it clear that the UFOs are the least important aspect of the case and that no one is coming to save us. After getting our attention with the UFO eye-candy, it was intended that we would learn from the warnings contained in Meier’s prophetic and predictive information, going back to 1951[...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: New Report Confirms Billy Meier’s BP Disaster Information

The unsurprising recent “news” regarding the damage from the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which of course was already long ago told to, and reported by, Billy Meier in the 495th* Contact Report of June 14th, 2010, may be soon overshadowed by even more human stupidity.

BP Illustrated BP Illustrated

It apparently isn’t bad enough that the true extent of the still ongoing, unimaginably life-threatening consequences of the Fukushima disaster remains still largely unknown to the public. And just because we don’t have our eyes on the problems pertaining to the release of methane gas, which is also a consequence of global warming, etc., prevents its compounding the challenges faced, all of which of course are a result of overpopulation. [...]  READ MORE

New NASA Report Confirms Billy Meier’s Warnings about Disastrous Glacial Melt

According to NASA, “Melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet is likely unstoppable, two new papers published Monday indicate.” Please read everything at, and linked from, here pertaining to the glaciers melting, the rising of the seas and the related, unavoidable effects that humanity now faces…for the foreseeable future. We also reported on related developments last year. Those who’ve followed Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific information already know that he had repeatedly warned about this exact kind of irreversible, unstoppable environmental damage and all of the related consequences. [...]  READ MORE