The High Cost of Truth Suppression

Left unrecognized and untreated, even seemingly normal and healthy human beings can deteriorate

The high cost of suppressing the truth about the Billy Meier UFO contacts has probably not occurred to most people.

The intelligence agencies, cultic skeptics, and UFO organizations like MUFON have all contributed to making us less safe by suppressing Meier’s specific warnings about everything from climate change to ISIS.

Think not?

For example, we could’ve known that the barbarity and horrors being perpetrated by the Chinese, and only now gaining worldwide attention, were revealed to Billy Meier by Ptaah almost…29 years ago:  [...]  READ MORE

The Future of the Americas

Billy Meier on what’s ahead for Brazil and South America

On July 27, Billy Meier was asked about the future of Brazil and South America, as it becomes even clearer now that the western powers are driving the world into more devastating wars. Meier said that Brazil is still one of the upcoming countries regarding the near and distant future. But his concern is about the still huge and strongly delusional belief in Catholicism that can be found almost everywhere in Brazil.

Brazil and the rest of South America are mentioned as among the very few places around the world that could be considered as safe, if a big and “nasty” war would take place between the West and the East. In that case, it’s absolutely possible that millions of refugees would try to move especially to Brazil. [...]  READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Secret Shipments of Immigrants to Brazil!

Millions set to flood country already in turmoil

Reliable sources say that 13 ships left Europe, four days ago, in the first of a so far secret program to export 1.8 million immigrants to Brazil.

Brazil itself is in political and economic turmoil, without basic infrastructure for education, medical care, etc., for its citizens. Unemployment in Brazil, a country of 208 million people, is over 15 million, the highest level in Brazil’s history.

In war torn Syria, in four years, 256,000 people died from war related incidents. In the same time period, in Brazil – a country not at war with anyone –  almost 279,000 people died from violent crimes, which are soaring to all time highs in big cities like Rio and São Paolo. [...]  READ MORE

US Braces for More Military Attacks from Canada, Latin America & Tonga

America’s massive military might again successfully brought to bear against the persistent would be invaders

With the recent massive military attacks on Boston, Philadelphia and New York City by Canadian forces, followed within a day by similar attacks against Los Angeles, Houston and Miami by a coalition of Latin American forces, America’s massive military might was again successfully brought to bear against the persistent would be invaders. Their cunning attempts to overthrow the US go back to early last century and for which they’ve been clandestinely preparing sophisticated weaponry for even longer. [...]  READ MORE

The Might of the Thoughts in Practice

In 2011 lived in Brazil for almost six months, part of the time as the guest of my friend Ricardo Ralston. One evening, unexpectedly, he said that we had to go into Sao Paolo and leave at about 8:30 or 9:00. I wasn’t feeling quite ready for it as it felt like a cold was coming on and all I really wanted to do was try to sleep it off but I decided to challenge myself.

The ride from where we were in up in the mountains in Campos do Jordão was going to take more than two hours. I realized that by the time we arrived I could be down with a full-blown cold and feeling quite miserable. So as we plunged through the night in Ricardo’s Land Rover I made a decision to vanquish my cold by the time I arrived. [...]  READ MORE

New Meier Information Regarding Dangers of WW III

We have just received, and are authorized by FIGU to share, this  new information from Billy Meier regarding the world situation that is creating new dangers of a possible World War III.

People who are involved in the study of the Billy Meier information may wish to pay particular attention to the following from Meier and the Plejaren. You may wish to view it as a call to action, to upgrade prioritizing your preparations for coming together and developing your communities, study groups, etc. Of course this also goes for all those people who have eyes to see and ears to hear and who wish to prepare themselves for the coming times: [...]  READ MORE