De-programming Billy Meier UFO Skeptics in Three Easy Steps

How to get skeptical deniers the help they desperately need 

A few months ago, Billy Meier was informed that there would be a new barrage of skeptical attacks, which have indeed begun to manifest. I think this is in part due to the way the entire topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials has been trivialized by the UFO community, with the help of other disinformation spreading parties in government, intelligence agencies, etc. As Meier himself said, don’t bother to fight and argue with the people. Let them talk, rant, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Clearing the Name of a Good and Honorable Man: Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens

Falsely accused of sexual acts with minors, imprisoned, sent to prison because he proved authenticity of Billy Meier UFO contacts 

It’s especially timely that the following information be presented now, as there are vile new efforts to further defame the late investigator, Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (ISAF), also as a means to continue attacks against Billy Meier. The vitriolic attacks are perpetrated by nasty and immature people who, as Ptaah said, “are so entangled in all the lies and slander”. [...]  READ MORE

New Web Seminar Billy Meier UFO Contacts September 19th

The next in a series of international, informative, interactive events

Additional Topics Include:

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My thanks to Andrew Fisher for this opportunity to speak about the, hopefully, rapidly diminishing,  phony “UFO contactees” and their weak-minded, sappy, undiscerning, followers.

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New Online COVID-19 Test

An easy, do-it-yourself test to determine the source of the most accurate and important information about the disease

Now you can verify for yourself who first published the most accurate information about these important aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Billy Meier or the “official sources”:

Simply compare the information in each of the underlined, dated links in each question below and mark your choice in the space to the left of each option. Then total the responses to determine which is the most accurate and reliable source of information. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier Published Saturn Information BEFORE “New Discovery”

Irrefutable scientific and legal proof beyond a reasonable doubt, which means the skeptics will be baffled, attack and lie as always


Once again, Billy Meier has scooped the scientists with specific, prophetically accurate information.

In May, scientists analyzing images from NASA’s Cassini probe “discovered” (emphasis added):

“The giant hexagon-shaped storm raging atop Saturn’s North Pole is made out of frozen hydrocarbon ice suspended in seven hazy layers stacked on top of one another, according to a study published in Nature Communications on Friday.” [...]  READ MORE

It CAN’T Happen Here

The people were warned and were simply too damned stupid to listen

There must be some mistake. Certainly, this can’t really happen here.

And Henoch really didn’t predict it 10,000 years ago.

And Billy Meier really hasn’t been warning about it for decades.

More about America’s coming civil wars.

The Way to Live

Humankind doesn’t have the faintest idea regarding what life’s about and how to live it. Consider this part of your personal sanity and survival system.



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The Unstoppable New US Civil Wars

Now Right-Wing Radio Host Echoes Billy Meier’s Prophecies [...]  READ MORE

New Information about Worldwide UFO Sightings

Billy Meier’s responses to new UFO sightings may raise even more questions

Answer to these UFO observations from Billy Meier

Well, various telephone calls and letters from various people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, as well as England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, etc. contain questions whether these observed UFOs/objects are Plejaren beamships, which of course I always have to deny, which is true, because the observed “UFOs” are in no case flying objects from the Pleiaren, but flying machines of other origin. [...]  READ MORE