Let’s Give the UFO Skeptics Another Chance

After 18 years maybe they’re ready to stop denying the truth 

New Short Video Introduction!

It’s been 18 years since I first challenged the professional skeptics to back up their claims that the Billy Meier UFO contacts, and the evidence therein, was an “easily duplicated hoax”. Their continued failure to duplicate Meier’s still irreproducible UFO evidence, substantiate their claims, etc., is their legacy.

Skeptics don’t seem to abide by recognized scientific standards when confronted with evidence that challenges the underlying prejudices that motivated them to become – and define themselves as – skeptics…and not scientists. Also lacking the requisite ethical standards, they feel no need to apologize for wrongly trashing a man’s character and reputation when they are proved wrong. [...]  READ MORE

Another Clueless “UFO Expert”

Nick Pope attacks Billy Meier UFO case – but admits he knows nothing about it

Oh, when will it end? The UFO field is certainly the least scientific, credible and professional field of study, as Nick Pope again demonstrates. If there were any doubts that the field is filled with charlatans, frauds, phonies, incompetents, profiteers, etc., Pope eliminates them.

While the outlandish claims and sensationalized, evidence-less tales have made UFOlogy little more than a grotesque mish-mash of tabloid quality drivel, Pope simply…bores us to death with dead-end, 5th hand information that he dispenses as a supposed “UFO expert”, while cockily demonstrating gross ineptitude. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn on C2C August 3-4!

Will the 21st time be the charm?

Michael Horn will be interviewed* – for the 21st time – on C2C, discussing the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for over 75 years, and Meier’s unparalleled, prophetic accuracy regarding such things as the:

Coming American civil wars · EU and worldwide immigration crisis · Danger of war with Russia · Islamist terrorism · Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions · Fulfillment of predictions about Trump ·

Plus: ET & Nazi artifacts in Antarctica, The Talmud Jmmanuel, Vaccines & autism, Future of UFOlogy, New defeat of skeptics! [...]  READ MORE

Breakthroughs in the Billy Meier UFO Case

A skeptical professor opens the door to Billy Meier UFO case at Northern Arizona University and other news from 2015

Almost 15 years after I first challenged the international professional skeptics regarding the Billy Meier UFO case, a skeptical professor, Prof. Scott Antes, opened the door to the historic first presentation at an American university, NAU. This was not only the culmination of many years of efforts to get the information into a university setting but it was also the beginning of what will still be a long journey until when truth prevails…finally. [...]  READ MORE

George Noory Publishes Billy Meier Prophecies on C2C

Meier’s prophetic and predictive information now available to Noory’s worldwide audience

True to his word, George Noory has posted documentation pertaining to Billy Meier’s prophetic information on the C2C website. Noory had volunteered to post the information during his interview of Michael Horn on November 23.

This precedent-setting opportunity gives free access to Meier’s voluminous information, corroborated prophecies, predictions and authenticated UFO evidence, more people worldwide can now discover and research the long suppressed and singularly authentic contacts between Meier and the Pleajren extraterrestrials, spanning almost three-quarters of a century. [...]  READ MORE

George Noory Will Host Billy Meier Info on C2C Website

Prophetic accuracy about France and Islam prompts Noory’s precedent setting invitation to spread Meier information

The clear connection between Billy Meier’s prophetic warnings about radical Islamic attacks on France, dating back to 1958, and the recent attacks in Paris prompted C2C host George Noory to extend an unprecedented invitation to have Meier’s information posted on the C2C site.

Michael Horn read excerpts from the prophecies pertaining to what would also ultimately develop regarding “the fanatics and warriors of Islam” rising up against the countries of Europe and retaining their power for a long time. Horn emphasized that a real call to action is necessary now so that people can also better understand how cause and effect works and how to begin to take their personal power back from outside forces. [...]  READ MORE