Regarding Richard Dolan, “UFO Researcher”

In what other field of study would the most sought after, best evidence be ignored, suppressed and ridiculed in favor of idiotic, delusional, hallucinatory claims? Welcome to  the wonderful world of…UFOlogy.

On a recent edition of C2C, there was an interview with Richard Dolan, a supposed “UFO researcher”. For those who still may not know, the field of so-called UFO research, which is part of the UFO community and industry (UFOCI) is one of the least scientific, with the absolutely lowest standards, making it rather comfortable for self-styled “UFO experts”. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn on C2C on…September 11!

George Noory will interview me on C2C and, while the listing says September 10, my segment starts at midnight Pacific Time) on…September 11.

So it’s a fitting opportunity to show that Billy Meier was indeed forewarned about the destruction of the WTC on 9/11, in the…same contact as all of the specific, now absolutely proven prophetically accurate information about the Russian military movements, the Islamic uprisings, computerized weapons, etc.

Any rational, reasoning person should now see the complete irrelevance of arguing about the space photos and realize that it’s of the utmost urgency to be focusing on the spiritual teaching, learning to observe and control one’s thinking and making strong alliances with like-minded people, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn on C2C Tonight!

Michael Horn will be interviewed by George Noory on CoasttoCoastAM Thursday, February 21, from Midnight to 2:00 AM Pacific Time.

He will be discussing the prophetically accurate scientific information – the higher standard of proof – that establishes Billy Meier as the only authentic UFO contactee…and the significance of Meier’s experiences and information for humanity.

This will be Michael’s 14th appearance on C2C.

Why I Won’t Be on C2C Anymore

…and why that’s okay.

I recently sent C2C host, reporter George Knapp a couple of emails, suggesting he interview me again, both of which apparently really ruffled his feathers. As I did convey to him, it wasn’t my intention to be as insulting as he interpreted them to be. The lines that he pointed out that inflamed him were:

“In fact, focusing on anything but the Meier case as far as UFO related matters goes, is a huge waste of time that only continues to produce the very evident dead-ends. Having said that, I’d be delighted to address those claims and any challenges to them if you’d like.” [...]  READ MORE