George Noory Publishes Billy Meier Prophecies on C2C

Meier’s prophetic and predictive information now available to Noory’s worldwide audience

True to his word, George Noory has posted documentation pertaining to Billy Meier’s prophetic information on the C2C website. Noory had volunteered to post the information during his interview of Michael Horn on November 23.

This precedent-setting opportunity gives free access to Meier’s voluminous information, corroborated prophecies, predictions and authenticated UFO evidence, more people worldwide can now discover and research the long suppressed and singularly authentic contacts between Meier and the Pleajren extraterrestrials, spanning almost three-quarters of a century. [...]  READ MORE

George Noory Will Host Billy Meier Info on C2C Website

Prophetic accuracy about France and Islam prompts Noory’s precedent setting invitation to spread Meier information

The clear connection between Billy Meier’s prophetic warnings about radical Islamic attacks on France, dating back to 1958, and the recent attacks in Paris prompted C2C host George Noory to extend an unprecedented invitation to have Meier’s information posted on the C2C site.

Michael Horn read excerpts from the prophecies pertaining to what would also ultimately develop regarding “the fanatics and warriors of Islam” rising up against the countries of Europe and retaining their power for a long time. Horn emphasized that a real call to action is necessary now so that people can also better understand how cause and effect works and how to begin to take their personal power back from outside forces. [...]  READ MORE

Regarding Richard Dolan, “UFO Researcher”

In what other field of study would the most sought after, best evidence be ignored, suppressed and ridiculed in favor of idiotic, delusional, hallucinatory claims? Welcome to  the wonderful world of…UFOlogy.

On a recent edition of C2C, there was an interview with Richard Dolan, a supposed “UFO researcher”. For those who still may not know, the field of so-called UFO research, which is part of the UFO community and industry (UFOCI) is one of the least scientific, with the absolutely lowest standards, making it rather comfortable for self-styled “UFO experts”. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn on C2C on…September 11!

George Noory will interview me on C2C and, while the listing says September 10, my segment starts at midnight Pacific Time) on…September 11.

So it’s a fitting opportunity to show that Billy Meier was indeed forewarned about the destruction of the WTC on 9/11, in the…same contact as all of the specific, now absolutely proven prophetically accurate information about the Russian military movements, the Islamic uprisings, computerized weapons, etc.

Any rational, reasoning person should now see the complete irrelevance of arguing about the space photos and realize that it’s of the utmost urgency to be focusing on the spiritual teaching, learning to observe and control one’s thinking and making strong alliances with like-minded people, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn on C2C Tonight!

Michael Horn will be interviewed by George Noory on CoasttoCoastAM Thursday, February 21, from Midnight to 2:00 AM Pacific Time.

He will be discussing the prophetically accurate scientific information – the higher standard of proof – that establishes Billy Meier as the only authentic UFO contactee…and the significance of Meier’s experiences and information for humanity.

This will be Michael’s 14th appearance on C2C.