How to End the Gender Bathroom Problem

Getting to the bottom of America’s most urgen tissue

Since it’s apparently futile to try to wake people up to what’s going on right in front of their eyes, let’s address an issue that’s riveted the world’s attention on a problem that’s flush in the face of millions of Americans.

We in the US seem to have an inordinate amount of time on our hands (or is it glands?) that we spend creating issues that most other people in the world haven’t had the luxury of worrying about. Consider that we’re the first country to create a huge business out of charging people money to…lose weight, while much of the world doesn’t have enough to eat. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier UFOs, Oklahoma and Rock & Roll

A whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on and lots more to come

Thanks to Bill Wilson, I discovered a recent article by Andrew W. Griffin pertaining to Billy Meier. He posted a new one here, after our recent conversation. There’s also an earlier article about Meier and Semjase and rock music in Griffin’s Oklahoma based, Red Dirt Report.

A Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On

Oklahoma of course is now experiencing earthquake threats comparable to California, which one again simply corroborate what Meier was told, and published, in 1976[...]  READ MORE

Earthquakes, Fracking Folly & Rising Sea Levels

The media doesn’t want you to see it but it’s still happening

We’ve been warned by Billy Meier, since 1951, about the dangers of earthquakes, sinkholes and volcanic eruptions and their connection to the building of large cities, dams and the extraction of petroleum and gas, mining, etc.

Some warnings have been quite specific, like the coming Northwest and La Palma earthquakes and tsunamis. And Meier also foretold the shortsighted foolishness of people (number 127.) who would return to places destroyed by such cataclysms and repeat their folly by rebuilding in vulnerable areas (such as we’ve already seen in the New Orleans area). [...]  READ MORE

Unfit to Lead

If prayer doesn’t work after a few millennia, go shopping

As the circus comes to town, as it does every four years, we are treated to the latest crop of unwise, slickly groomed, polished panderers who vie to hold the reigns of power.

Even while the long foretold prophecies unfold, now encroaching on the comfort and sensibilities of the citizens here, the predictable platitudes are uttered so as to gain favor in the eyes of the voters.

Let’s Pretend

Two candidates, Rand Paul and Chris Christie, have jumped at the opportunity to criticize those who would dare point out that the emperor, or in this case the Guy-in-the-Sky, has no clothes. You see, both Paul and Christie strongly endorse hurling prayers heavenward to an imaginary deity to fix everything and are very critical of those who think otherwise. In light of the non-existent Supreme Being’s abysmal track record of zillions of unanswered prayers spanning millennia, the illogic of such things should now, more than ever, be screamingly apparent. [...]  READ MORE

Truth Is the First Casualty

…when politics, religion, ambition and greed reign supreme.

In case it escaped anyone’s notice, it’s all about…the buck; and of course mainly passing it when it comes to self-responsibility.

Time and again, for decades actually, we’ve been warned. Now some things are disappearing, while other things make their appearance, both with deadly consequences. And sudden disasters like this mudslide that wiped out people, cars and homes in Chile were long foretold by Billy Meier as well.

Special political and profit motivated exemptions are made for companies to consume and pollute the water in California, which is becoming ever more scarce, the consequences of which are still not comprehended by most people. [...]  READ MORE

UFO Persona Au Gratin, That’s Me

Sometimes people ask if I’m going to be at a particular event and I also routinely suggest that I speak at upcoming UFO conferences. In that light I recently had a contentious exchange (I know, big surprise) with Paola Harris, who’s apparently an organizer of the Starworksusa UFO Symposium. Although I’m actually not too interested in appearing at most of those venues anymore there are a couple of upcoming events that I am scheduled for, however, and more about that later.

I’ve had previous interactions with Ms. Harris, going back to at least 2005, which I also updated in 2009. So it may not be surprising that she didn’t respond to my twice-sent request to present updated information on the Billy Meier UFO contacts at the symposium. [...]  READ MORE

Politics: Retarding Progress through the Art of Advantage

Politics has been called the art of the possible. I call it the art of advantage.

Politics means that we seek to get things, to acquire or get them done and that we’ll, gladly or not, exchange something that the other person (usually considered our opponent) wants in order to do so. Of course we try not to exchange anything at all and are very careful about just what, and how much of it, we’re willing to exchange. This isn’t about compromise, where both people actually want the same thing but disagree on how to go about getting it. [...]  READ MORE