FACT: Billy Meier Foretold the Italian Earthquakes

An expanded lesson in impeccable prophetic accuracy and self-responsibility

Once again, clueless human beings seek to put the responsibility – blame – for their own woes on an outside force, their favorite, capricious, invisible, Sky Daddy. Not to at all minimize the reality of human suffering, which is never in short supply on planet Earth, but…really. The imaginary deity decides to start shaking things up, and then the poor and superstitious do what?

They actually…pray that he’ll stop all that and take care of them, as their phony religions have been promising for as long as they’ve been suffering. We know how well the praying thing has worked for the past several millennia. So we are reminded of that contemporary slogan about “Doing the same thing and getting the same results, etc.”, you know, the definition of crazy. [...]  READ MORE

Russia and China Unite…Now when and where Did We Hear that Before?

We’ve already pointed out the information in the Henoch Prophecies that pertains to Russia and China. And, seven years ago, Billy Meier published more information pertaining to Putin’s outspoken criticism of the US.

But what isn’t so widely known is that, in 1976, Meier published prophetic information in poetic verses, that already foretold the Russian-Chinese alliance and their eventual, horrific worldwide military march:

“Man danger threatens you from the North,

where the wolf arms for murder; [...]  READ MORE