Billy Meier Foretold New Russian Moon Mission in 2011

I’m sure there are some good reasons not to despair being trapped on planet Stupicide

Regarding what’s briefly mentioned in the recently published What the Hell’s Wrong with People?:

“While the Russians want to check out the moon to see if the US really beat them there, maybe they’d best first learn about how the scam was pulled offafter the fact.”

…Jan Bayer wrote to remind me that Billy Meier also explained the Apollo 11 moon landing hoax AND that the Russian and/or Chinese would go to the moon to corroborate the evidence there, which you can watch (beginning at 30:28) here: [...]  READ MORE


Scientists continue to corroborate Billy Meier’s scientific information and warnings

It seems that scientists have confirmed the existence of Nemesis, the so-called “evil twin” of our own sun. While not yet having found its location, acknowledging its existence again gives credence to the information provided to UFO contactee Billy Meier, in Switzerland, in 2012.

From the 544th Contact, September 1st, 2012:

Billy: … you make me embarrassed, my friend. I would rather have you explain to me a little more precisely why, for some time now, in the Oort cloud, which is located at the outermost edge of the SOL system, there have actually been enormous changes taking place, as you explained to me in a conversation on my Great Trip in 1975 when you allowed me to see the Dark Star. In one of our most recent conversations you also privately indicated again something regarding the changes taking place in the Oort cloud. You said that due to the dark planet floating around out there, changes are taking place that will affect the whole SOL system. To my knowledge, the terrestrial scientists suspect something along those lines that the Dark Star exists out there, but for them everything is still based pure conjecture; to my knowledge, they use the name Nemesis for the alleged Dark Star. But the whole thing has nothing to do with the dark planet, which moves along its trajectory on the other side of the sun and cannot be perceived from the Earth and floats through the system, because I think that this has nothing to do with the Dark Star Nemesis, does it? [...]  READ MORE

Change the Inside, Change the Outside

As we’ve recently been discussing, neither complaining nor being immobilized by fear, etc., has ever changed anything for the better.

The World Out There

Here are a few items to shake our heads at as we once again note that we’ve long been warned about all of this in the Billy Meier material.

Thomas Horner forwarded New Study Links Weather Extremes to Global Warming, which we can add to the corroboration by the Pentagon and the UN of Meier’s environmental warnings, dating back to 1948.

As we pointed out in 2011, the Russians moved their troops to Arkhangelsk, specifically fulfilling part of the Henoch Prophecies in their apparent preparation to attack Scandinavia and ultimately the US and Canada. So this: [...]  READ MORE

Spreading the Wealth

Everyone who spreads the word about the Billy Meier UFO case can now also reap substantial benefits.

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Who Is this Rude Dude this Rube Dube?

You know you’re not about to joust with a journalistic giant when your invitation to discuss the Billy Meier case is met with such cartoonish comments as, “I eat scam artists like you for breakfast.” But you can safely predict that this blustering cereal killer’s gonna have a bad case of indigestion before lunch.

There’s no shortage of flaming blowhards online so it’s also no surprise to encounter yet another glorified gossip columnist who lives to defame good people who, by virtue of their accomplishments and character, tower high above him. Case in point, one rude dude, a rube called Dube. There’s so little available information on Ryan Dube that one has to guess if he’s the dishwasher, the IT guy, the domestic abuser, etc. Whoever he really is, he apparently seeks to gain significance through being a “top secret writer”, a manufactured tough guy persona whose actual spineless, nasty attacks are anything but the mark of a rugged, manly male, the kind who is willing to risk a lot to reveal the truth. [...]  READ MORE

ASU Astronomy Club Retracts Offer to Show UFO Film

While I was in the midst of my correspondence with Ms. Kravetz at ASU, I contacted the astronomy club there:

Hi Astrodevils,

My name is Michael Horn and I invite you to see the trailer for my new film, And Did They Listen?, about the Billy Meier contacts in Switzerland, the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case…now spanning 70 years.

I am hoping to be able to screen my film for your club…and answer any and all questions and challenges you may have. Released on January 21, the film has already been picked up for US TV this spring (along with two of my other films on the Meier case). [...]  READ MORE