It’s Graduation Day

Life has pushed us into the pool and for some it may feel like the deep end

When one reads this rather sobering information, it’s very easy to fall into denial, despair, hopelessness, depression, etc.

But instead of succumbing to that, it’s better to view this as the opportunity to really put into practice the spiritual teaching.

While many of us read and discuss the teaching in terms of broad stroke aspects of our lives, reflecting on how and when we first found it, the improvements we’ve made in our personal lives because of it, etc., we now have the opportunity to make a quantum leap in both our own understanding and our application of it. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Live, EP 9

When just having a headache really isn’t enough

As usual, in addition to our INTERACTIVE format, tonight’s show will cover these topics:

  • UFO News: Yes, there really is some to talk about
  • “The Adventures of Billy Meier” more than a comic book
  • The Salome Peace Meditation…and the Red Meteor
  • ISIS defeated in Iraq, NYC terrorism, sleepers worldwide
  • Trump endorsing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol
  • 2018 and the time of the great upheavals
  • The Michael Horn Wildlife Fund, meaningful charity
  • Future Self for Kids, how they can create their own futures
  •  [...]  READ MORE

    Michael Horn Live, EP 8

    My Embarrassing Career, Part 2


    The thrilling conclusion to my misguided participation in the p— — n industry!

    UFOs: Derek and the Domino Effect, Randle’s Retreat, Ben Davidson’s Apology, Skeptical Challenge from Lance Moody, self-professed expert on Billy Meier UFO case

    The New TWWT Movement (showing the actual chart!)

    The Environmental Decimation in Europe

    Alex Jones: Don’t keep poking the snakes!

    AI and…Religion

    The Real Elite/De-Population Genocide Conspiracy

    Raffle Winner! [...]  READ MORE

    I’ll Pay YOU to Buy This New Book!

    Well almost, kinda, because you’ll get a FREE $25 companion DVD! With all the annoying BLACK FRIDAY SALES I thought I’d take it to the extreme. If you buy Future Self on Amazon,* I’ll send you my $25 Consciousness Awareness Workshop (Standing in Spirit) absolutely FREE (in the US, shipping applies for international orders). You can read all the great current reviews on Future Self here. *P.S. Yeah, if you actually clicked on this, you’ll see that the Amazon price is almost…50% off for this super-duper, hyper-promotional, holiday-commotional event! This price will be good through November 25!

    The Quiescent State

    Attaining and maintaining internal peacefulness in a chaotic world

    The new spiritual teaching people arise in a world of great external chaos and conflicts, they will need to learn how to gain access to, attain and maintain, their internal peacefulness. We see various meditation groups and so-called mindfulness programs appearing, so many people are already recognizing the need to cultivate peacefulness within themselves.

    There is very specific information from Billy Meier on individual, as well as group*, meditation practices that help the individual deal with negative conditions, feelings, emotions, traits and behaviors that have taken a foothold in their memory, or subconsciousness. [...]  READ MORE


    Neutrality doesn’t require people to not have opinions, to be indifferent, or to not be energetically involved in issues

    This is a very good time to reflect on neutrality, what it is and isn’t and how to develop and apply it in our daily lives.  In our recent study group meeting we discussed this article and Anthony suggested that we open the discussion to blog members, a very good idea indeed.

    We can consider also that the spiritual teaching and this element of it comes to us from Billy Meier, a man who lives in Switzerland, often referred to as the country of neutrality, although that has been eroded over the years, largely unnoticed by many Swiss. [...]  READ MORE

    Change the Inside, Change the Outside

    As we’ve recently been discussing, neither complaining nor being immobilized by fear, etc., has ever changed anything for the better.

    The World Out There

    Here are a few items to shake our heads at as we once again note that we’ve long been warned about all of this in the Billy Meier material.

    Thomas Horner forwarded New Study Links Weather Extremes to Global Warming, which we can add to the corroboration by the Pentagon and the UN of Meier’s environmental warnings, dating back to 1948.

    As we pointed out in 2011, the Russians moved their troops to Arkhangelsk, specifically fulfilling part of the Henoch Prophecies in their apparent preparation to attack Scandinavia and ultimately the US and Canada. So this: [...]  READ MORE