Scientists Corroborate Billy Meier’s 1946 Moon Information

UFO contactee was first to describe areas of constant daytime at Moon’s poles decades before “official discovery”

In a recent email from Stuart Robbins, he said, “I’ll be attending a µSymposium before the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference this coming weekend, and I just got a reminder e-mail today. Included in that e-mail was a link to an animation that shows Shackleton crater, a crater that is ON the moon’s north pole. As such, its interior is in permanent shadow.” He also provided this link[...]  READ MORE

Major “New” Scientific Discovery Published by Billy Meier 27 Years Ago

Specific information about rare form of lightning already given to UFO contactee by extraterrestrials in 1989

Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier claims to still be in face-to-face contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings for more than 74 years. His over 1,200, stunningly clear, still irreproducible, pre-digital era, UFO photos, films and video are the best physical evidence available, some were recently used in the new season of X-Files television shows, etc.

Even more amazing are the 26,000+ pages of information Meier’s published, containing large amounts of specific, prophetically accurate, scientific and world event related information. Despite well over 150 corroborated examples of his preemptive scientific accuracy, anti-truth, anti-scientific vested interests have consistently worked to suppress the Meier case; there have also been 22 documented attempts on his life for his trouble. [...]  READ MORE

Silent Subterranean Seismic Screams…Do We Have Your Attention Now?

Once again – doncha get tired of hearing that? – a, pardon me, “new study”  confirms information give to Billy Meier from the Plejaren extraterrestrial human pertaining to how seismic activity, i.e. pertaining to earthquakes, can foretell explosive volcanic eruptions.

A hopeful sign is that it only took scientists…five years this time to catch up with Meier’s information, which was verifiably provided to him in 2008.

Now, while it’s hard to resist expounding on this new corroboration (which we can add to those already presented in a 22-minute segment of as the time fulfills) and pointing out what absolute dolts and suicidal imbeciles we must be to still not even want to grasp the reality – let alone the unique historical significance – of Meier’s dual role as the only authentic UFO contactee and the prophet for the New Time…I will resist doing so. [...]  READ MORE

First the Russians, now the Chinese…When Will NASA Get It?

A Chinese scientist from Tsinghua University, in Beijing, recently announced a plan to divert asteroid Apophis from colliding with the Earth. Apophis is known to people familiar with the Billy Meier information as the Red Meteor.

Meier first published his warnings about the Red Meteor/Apophis in 1981, which we have since posted in illustrated form in six languages.

First, the Russians heeded Meier’s warnings – while not “officially” admitted, his information is known and studied by various international intelligence agencies and even the…Vatican – and it appears that their open invitation to the European Space Agency and the Chinese was actually noticed, at least by the Chinese. [...]  READ MORE