Billy Meier UFO Case: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Trial lawyer endorses, says evidence overwhelming   

In addition to the recent endorsement by the former top Case Supervisor for the USAF OSI, and equally impressive endorsements by  NASA aerospace engineer, Matthew Wieczkiewicz (Ret), and Kenneth Smith, the Director of Operations at Orbital Launch System Group (Ret), who served under retired astronaut, Ronald Grabe, we can now add this assessment regarding the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts:


I’m a quasi-retired lawyer with a lot of experience with regard to trial work. You are so right that the Meier case passes the preponderance of the evidence overwhelmingly and you did an excellent job presenting his case. You are extremely competent with regard to scientific and empirical scrutiny and I was moved by the manner in which you presented this matter. [...]  READ MORE

Dumber than a Rock

From bio chips to nose rings people are led in the wrong direction

Where are all the fundamentalist Christians when we need them? Don’t they want to warn the dumb-as-a-rock employees at the Wisconsin company promoting this sinister “convenience” that they’re about to get the infamous “Mark of the Beast” jammed into their nice little hands, ostensibly to make it easier for them to…shop?*

Seemingly still inspired by George Bush’s “just go shopping” comments after 9/11, these folks are anxious to prove that they’re about as smart as the rest of the cows in the state, and probably less useful. That young people have already been conditioned, in addition to every other form of self-mutilation, to willingly wear rings in their noses and be led around like cows, certainly has emboldened the powers that be to accelerate their time table for enslaving the rest of all-too-compliant masses. [...]  READ MORE

A Species Too Stupid to Survive?

Protests from anti-GMO crowd yet to materialize

For some strange reason, despite 65 years of specific, prophetically accurate information published by Billy Meier, in addition to independent expert authentication of his UFO photos and other evidence, the people of Earth have seemingly been unable and/or unwilling to grasp its genuineness and significance. In fact, for his troubles, Meier’s been the target of 23 documented assassination attempts.

Identity Crises

However, that a “man” will give birth to a baby, thanks (again) to medical intervention, appears to be acceptable and un-troubling (other than the public funding) to many people. Yes, in this case the “man” was originally a woman who became a “man” but still wanted to bear children. Another case of someone with too much time on their glands who decided to get their plumbing redone. (We won’t discuss whether or not the “man” is now actually a man, chromosomally speaking. BTW, this whole new “identification” thing may complicate other matters, such as supporting this white woman who “identifies” with being black and now could perhaps start “identifying” with litigation, or some such mess. Taken farther, we could start “identifying” with other people’s homes, cars, spouses, etc., and try to take possession of them on those grounds. Wait, I guess we already do, it’s called thievery, adultery, etc. Never mind.) [...]  READ MORE



What the future brings for the Earth humans in regard to the climatic catastrophe and environmental destruction

All you humans of the Earth, you are responsible for your wellbeing and woes, for your Earth’s climate, for your planet, and therefore you are responsible for your own life as well as for that of all creatures, for fauna and flora, for all of nature and everything which grows, creeps and flies.

You are responsible as individuals, just as you are responsible as the entire mass of humanity, for everything; responsible also for all that you ever bring forth in the form of thoughts and feelings and what you affect through your actions. [...]  READ MORE

The Spiritual Teaching

The connection between the Plejaren, Merlin, King Arthur and our future survival

While the hundreds of articles in this blog contain much information about the news of the day, including how Billy Meier specifically foretold so much of all that is unfolding in our world, the core element, the reason for the Meier contacts is the spiritual teaching.

The following article is included in The Goblet of the Truth, which can be read online for free here. For those who wish to own this wonderful book its available here[...]  READ MORE

The Peaceful People

Safely protected from our insanity simply by being in…another universe

Here is a very interesting transcript:

Extract from 345th Official Contact Report

An unauthorized and unapproved translation by Larry Driscoll on February 25, 2015


Man, friend Ptaah, this is really a surprise. Be warmly welcomed and greeted, you universe explorer. Tell me, since when are you back here? Florena only told me today at noon, that today someone will still drop by me, but she said nothing about, that this would be you. Clearly it goes well with you and you also appear to be contented, therefore I assume, your expedition must have culminated successfully. [...]  READ MORE

Faint Hearted and Without Direction

With the results of the recent elections in America some people may sense the further unfolding of long foretold events, such as what is said in the Henoch Prophecies pertaining to coming civil wars and the breakdown into five separate territories here. The probabilities regarding the end of American superpower status around 2020, expressed to Meier by the Plejaren, in 1975, are not looking so improbable anymore either. So there’s 2020 and there’s…20-20 hindsight.

Of course it’s no secret that Meier has long warned about the entire situation and we’ve been hammering away about it at every opportunity. But it isn’t just the macro events that he foretold. [...]  READ MORE