Have the Whistleblowers Run out of Air? Part 2

Whistleblowing doesn’t always have to take a form that makes the person a direct target of powerful forces

The concerns I expressed in Part 1 are not limited to the Billy Meier UFO case of course. In fact, the dangers of the ubiquitous use of destructive pesticides and irresponsible GMO from companies like Monsanto and others is either under reported or considered to be a fringe topic. When whistleblower scientists have tried to bring the truth forward they’ve been harshly attacked for their efforts. [...]  READ MORE

A World of Hirt

Futurist doesn’t want to know the future, after all it’s just a game

It’s coming to light, more and more, that the first business of colleges and universities is…business. The recent controversy at the University of Missouri, reminds us that the great American preoccupation with head-banging football is also a huge business, reflecting a priority in many schools that in part explains our country’s ever descending ranking in education, actual productivity and more.

It exemplifies how the sleight of hand that has resulted in American jobs by the ton being out-sourced overseas has been accomplished, with entertainment loving Americans encouraged to live happily vicarious, pretend lives, to indulge in worship of sports heroes and celebrities, and stay ceaselessly absorbed in playing video games, etc., while remaining oblivious to the bottom falling out economically and otherwise for as long as they can. (Of course by next November things should be so undeniably bad that the masses will rally around some incompetent or other who will promise them salvation from all these woes, most likely through war, etc.) [...]  READ MORE