BREAKING! James Fox Responds to Being Outed as UFO Conman

UFO snake oil salesman reneges on phony $100,000 offer 

Apparently UFO con artist James Fox was a little surprised by having his phony offer publicized.

Lest I be accused of misquoting his rather lengthy, erudite, detailed response, I’ve dutifully copied it here: “Look who’s talking Billy boy. His photos are as fake as your presentations. God speed. “

Naturally, such scholarly, scientifically researched comments warranted my prompt acknowledgement:

“What an in-depth, comprehensive, deeply thought out, fact-filled, credibly substantiated response!

Wow, would I chew you up in a debate…which is why it’s the very last thing you’ll ever want to engage in.

Now, since I’m publishing your comment in my next blog and spreading awareness of your scam, maybe you should try to salvage your reputation with just such a debate…or stay quiet and leave no doubts as to your just being a dopey conman. Up to you. MH” This guy is one of the more blatant charlatans, running around making offers he has no intention of making good on.  That people have been so dumbed down as to give this clown and huckster air time is sad…but maybe not surprising. Just imagine if all these phonies, con artists, quacks and profiteers hadn’t mucked up the honest research into the evidence for, and discussion about, UFOs. So many people would’ve been able to find and determine the truth of the Billy Meier UFO contact case for themselves…and helped to avoid an enormous amount of now inescapable pain and suffering. And so, yet another UFO snake oil salesman leaves town and takes his cynical circus with him.