More money to be made promoting panic over peace and truth In this lengthy conversation, Bob Wiegand and I discuss Alex Jones and how he’s not only an archetype of an unpeaceful agitator but also someone who’s knowingly and actively suppresses information about the Billy Meier UFO contacts, including the ever-fulfilling Henoch Prophecies and what they… Read More

International media censored warnings of Islamist invasion, now too late to stop We continue to see the ongoing fulfillment of the warnings in the Henoch Prophecies about what will befall Europe, thanks to the deliberate machinations of Angela Merkel, who may well be regarded, in the future, as one of the greatest traitors in history.… Read More

UPDATE* With the dire nature of the situation at Fukushima slowly emerging, we now know that what Billy Meier was told by Ptaah, within days of the initial disaster, was absolutely accurate. In fact, it would seem that what Ptaah told him, “And the occurrence of the now-threatening, ultra super worst-possible-case-scenario, as you call it,… Read More

After the re-election of President Obama, there’s been a sudden resurgence of a disease, previously thought to have been largely eradicated in America, with even more virulence than even the CCMED (Center for Control of Moral and Ethical Diseases) had imagined. Yes, racism is back with a naked vengeance, or perhaps it was just festering largely noticed.… Read More