FUTURE SELF A BEST SELLER ON AMAZON! In addition to going into more details about Future Self, EP 3 will cover some of the lowlights of the UFO world including: Tom DeLonge and the TTSA hoax Corey Goode and advancements in military mind control MJ Banias declining to discuss the Billy Meier UFO contacts Also:… Read More

Michael Horn’s hot new release in Motivational Growth & Spirituality On October 26, Michael Horn’s new, innovative book, Future Self, debuted at number 3. in the Motivational Growth & Spirituality category on Amazon.   Available as a download or soft cover, Future Self is the ultimate self-analytical, therapeutic, goal-setting process that draws upon your own… Read More

The Time Traveler’s Interactive Guide – Becoming Who You Want to Be NOW TAKE THE FIRST STEP AND BECOME YOUR…                                                                       USING ANY… Read More

Or why aliens just may not be making pretty designs in our fields Several years ago, I asked Billy Meier about the crop circle phenomena. In the late 1990s, I had expressed my opinion in a UFO magazine article that they seemed like they were made by “somebody”, meaning extraterrestrials, who were giving us some… Read More

Well it seems like they’re coming hot and heavy now, relatively speaking of course. First it’s right-wing Republicans and now it’s a, gasp, scientist. Professor C. Owen Lovejoy, a scientist at Kent University, has come to the conclusion that humans didn’t evolve from apes but rather the other way around, apes evolved from humans. Of… Read More