Six Years Later They Speak Again

Mel Fabregas revisits the Billy Meier UFO case

Six years ago, Mel Fabregas interviewed me about the Billy Meier UFO case. I think it’s fair to say that even though he conducted his characteristically classy interview, he was somewhat skeptical of my overall claims of the singular authenticity, and importance, of the Meier case.

We have a new interview you can listen to here that goes into many things, such as Meier’s voluminous, independently analyzed and authenticated UFO photos, films and other evidence, his abundance of specific, prophetically accurate information, the failure of the best of the skeptics to debunk, or duplicate, Meier’s evidence, the importance of the spiritual teaching and even how the Plejaren essentially predicted that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t ever become president – eight years ago. [...]  READ MORE

The Billy Meier UFO Case: Now You Can Prove It to Yourself

NOTE: Please see update posted at end of article below.*

It’s been many years since numerous scientific experts authenticated Billy Meier’s UFO photographs, films, sound recordings and metal samples. Nonetheless, many people have neither understood, nor accepted, the validity and significance of these findings.

Their skeptical cry for access to now long gone negatives, etc., has been used to try to cast doubt on the evidence, as well as the honesty and character of Meier and all concerned. Such accusations and demands were part of the subterfuge employed, usually by the most technically incompetent people, who were essentially claiming that if they themselves hadn’t personally analyzed the evidence it must be hoaxed. Of course this attitude invalidates accepting as true most of…human history, since none of us have personally witnessed, observed, or tested more than 99% of it. [...]  READ MORE

Two New Billy Meier Films for 2014

NEW Billy Meier Films, Book for 2014

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I’m taking this opportunity to use my blog to announce some new projects for 2014 and to offer a few health related items that are packed with value for you.

NEW Billy Meier Films, Book for 2014

You read that right.

In 2014, we will be releasing two new films about the Billy Meier contacts and the spiritual teaching. Both films are full-length and highly informative. In addition, we will have a new book by Billy Meier, first in ebook form and then later in a printed version. [...]  READ MORE