Hasenböl UFO footage and James Deardorff on the TALMUD JMMANUEL

Here are two never before published videos posted by FIGU. The first one explores the UFO photos and films that Billy Meier took in 1976 at the actual location.

The second video features the late James Deardorff speaking about the TALMUD JMMANUEL and why it’s the original text on which the Book of Matthew is based. Deardorff also talks about Kal Korff’s failed attempt to debunk Meier’s evidence, where Korff actually inserted lines in the photographs to falsely imply that Meier had suspended and photographed UFO models. [...]  READ MORE

Las Vegas Shooting Core Questions

Casino surveillance camera footage should resolve conspiracy concerns

When something as shocking as the Las Vegas shootings occur, all sorts of conspiracy theories quickly arise. In watching the news on a couple of major TV stations yesterday, I caught an interview with a security expert, whose name I didn’t get. He made a couple of points that would seem to be essential in determining important facts about the shooter and if any other parties were involved.

He pointed out that casinos, like the Mandalay, have such good security camera surveillance, virtually everywhere, that law enforcement agencies often come to assess and learn from them. With the shooter having stayed at the casino for several days, there should be ample footage that would, that should, show him in possession of the weapons, of bringing them in, or receiving them, whatever the case may be. [...]  READ MORE

True or False? 79 Conspiracy Theories

The Plejaren reveal the true and false conspiracies over the last 1,000 years


49. Which I can understand very well.

50. But now I want to mention the list you copied from “Wikipedia,” starting with the oldest – up to the latest – officially known conspiracy theory.

51. Those that effectively correspond only to illusory theories, I will simply label FALSE, while one thing must be labeled and explained as TRUE that corresponds to the facts.

52. So the following applies to the conspiracy theories listed below: [...]  READ MORE

These Are the Real Numbers

The harsh reality about how many terrorists are already within the US

I recently asked Billy Meier several questions. When we met a couple of days later, he explained that he had  prepared  the answers to them the night before, based on information from Ptaah.

While we were provided with warnings from Meier about just how unimaginably dangerous to all of civilization the IS is, and information about the number of IS “sleepers” in Europe, first in 2016 and then again in 2017, no one had posed the question regarding the numbers here in the US. [...]  READ MORE

The Peaceful People

Safely protected from our insanity simply by being in…another universe

Here is a very interesting transcript:

Extract from 345th Official Contact Report

An unauthorized and unapproved translation by Larry Driscoll on February 25, 2015


Man, friend Ptaah, this is really a surprise. Be warmly welcomed and greeted, you universe explorer. Tell me, since when are you back here? Florena only told me today at noon, that today someone will still drop by me, but she said nothing about, that this would be you. Clearly it goes well with you and you also appear to be contented, therefore I assume, your expedition must have culminated successfully. [...]  READ MORE

Icing the Skeptics

New skeptical attack again helps prove authenticity of Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information

For several months there have been allegations form certain people that Billy Meier falsified his information regarding the 5,100 year-old Iceman, as well as other things like the connection between the ozone damage and chemical and atomic radiation causes.

I’ve repeatedly not only rejected those attacks them but also stood firm in my determinations that Meier never backdated any information. Time and again I’ve challenged the accusers to explain the logic, the means, motive and opportunity by which Meier supposedly accomplished this alleged hoax. I’ve pointed out his known and proven good character, absolutely devoid of any proven dishonesty, lying, hoaxing, etc. I’ve also pointed out that someone whose physical evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs has now been independently authenticated several times, wouldn’t need to create a problematic body of allegedly false information. [...]  READ MORE

Loud Clothing and other Signs of the Aquarian Age

Well those playful Plejaren are at it again and what will those wacky kids think of next?

Here’s an unofficial translation, courtesy of Larry Driscoll, of the 536th Contact, on February 23, 2012:

Billy has just completed explaining a previous subject matter to Florena and then in his last statement he switches to another subject matter and states:

Billy However, you wear such an interesting new clothing. Is this the newest fashion?

25. Thank you for the instruction.
26. No, the clothing does not correspond to a new fashion, but it is connected with technology. [...]  READ MORE