Why I’ve Been Concerned about Drinking Water for 40 Years

Like virtually everything else involving the government, the real truth is often the first victim, followed by so many people who had relied on it to protect them.


A recent article explains what contaminants are now being found – and at increased levels – throughout the country. What was’t mentioned in the article is that contaminated water from fracking, in itself the source of much environmental destruction, is highly toxic, often to the point of being deadly, and is increasingly getting into the ground water, as Billy Meier told me a few weeks ago. [...]  READ MORE

Monkey Brain Fracking “Experts” Fracturing the Country

As Billy Meier was told in 1976, the Earth collapses in on itself

Following up on a previous post, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma were all hit with fraking related earthquakes, as pointed out in another of Dutchsinse’s videos, in he which he also accurately predicted today’s 6.5 earthquake off the West Coast of the US*.

He also mentions Prof. Rick Aster who, like many other scientists, apparently decided to stop learning and instead spend his time attacking those who are making important scientific contributions…despite not having a degree, etc. [...]  READ MORE