VoyageLA Interviews Michael Horn

A touching story of overnight success 30 years later

There’s a new interview with me in VoyageLA. I very much appreciate that Sid Reddy and his staff were interested in my story, experiences and accomplishments.

This is actually the first Los Angeles-based publication to interview me in the last 30 years. The previous interview was in The Whole Life Times, in which I also told the story about my Future Self experience in 1972, which ultimately led to the creation of the interactive video technique and my new book about it. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Live, Ep 16

Interactive as usual and soon even more so

We’ll be discussing a new perspective on UFOs, as well as about expanded audience participation in coming shows…and the reason why it’s so important now.

Michael Horn Live, EP 16

Tuesday, February 20, 7:00PM Pacific Time

The Pin Heads and the Bulb Heads

Michael Horn’s NEW children’s (and adult’s) book on Amazon.

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The revolution begins within.

 [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Live, EP 15

What to focus on now that the UFO cover-up and debate is over

First, I’d like you to listen to a new interview with a very interesting person who calls himself The Ghost Scientist. He also has many other interesting interviews, like this one.

Tonight’s interactive show will of course feature questions from the chat room and…

  • What to focus on now that the UFO cover-up and debate is over*
  • Battle for the Arctic as Billy Meier specifically foretold years ago
  • New, lethal radiation leaks detected at Fukushima
  • The coming global financial collapse
  • Military and police forces to be deployed against American citizens
  • Reminder: Get RayGuard protection from EMF & 5G using discount code MH1212!

Thanks to Greg O’Brien for the new information on Fukushima.

Michael Horn Live, EP 15

Tuesday, February 13, 7:00PM Pacific Time

Special Offer!

Get Future Self on Amazon and Receive this $25 DVD FREE! [...]  READ MORE

The REAL UFO Films the Pentagon Hid from You

They spent $110 million to NOT find Billy Meier’s UFO films and photos

Here’s a visual follow-up to the previous blog about the Pentagon UFO hoax.

It remains to be seen if the gullible public will come to their senses in time. Not doing so only further assures the fulfillment of Meier’s newest prophecies and predictions.

Michael Horn Live, EP 11

Tuesday, January 9, 7:00PM Pacific Time

  • Questions from the Chat Room
  • The Latest Prophecies and Predictions from Billy Meier
  • The So Epidemic Struck Mercilessly in 2017
  • New Video about Pentagon UFO Hoax
  • There Is No Life Without Striving

Get Future Self on Amazon and Receive this $25 DVD FREE!

The revolution begins within.

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Prophetic Painting? You Decide

Painting from 1965 shows numerous images seemingly foretelling specific current events 

In 1965, my painting below was displayed in the Sixty-eightth Annual Exhibitionby Artists of Chicago and Vicinity, at the Art Institute of Chicago.

I draw your attention to several of the images in the painting, beginning in the top left.

1. There is a white football player kneeling while another football player is standing, looking away from him. Behind him is the partially obscured word “Hero”. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Live, EP 8

My Embarrassing Career, Part 2


The thrilling conclusion to my misguided participation in the p— — n industry!

UFOs: Derek and the Domino Effect, Randle’s Retreat, Ben Davidson’s Apology, Skeptical Challenge from Lance Moody, self-professed expert on Billy Meier UFO case

The New TWWT Movement (showing the actual chart!)

The Environmental Decimation in Europe

Alex Jones: Don’t keep poking the snakes!

AI and…Religion

The Real Elite/De-Population Genocide Conspiracy

Raffle Winner! [...]  READ MORE