The Mysterious Energy Spheres that Saved the Plejaren

How an extraterrestrial race avoided destruction 52,000 years ago

In a 2018 contact, the Plejaren gave Billy Meier more information about their own true history, including how mysterious energy spheres helped them to dramatically change their own thinking and consciousness and assist them to attain a peace that has lasted over 52,000 years.

Michael Horn live, EP 43

Friday, January 4, 2019

7:00 PM Pacific Time

Some of the new information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren we will discuss, includes the:

  • Mysterious energy spheres that saved the Plejaren
  • Time travels of Sfath
  • Earliest original human inhabitants of Earth
  • New alliance between China and Japan
  • Fatal mistakes Trump is making
  • Coming violence from Trump supporters
  • Danger of war with Russia
  • Now unavoidable worldwide crises
  • Degeneration of the human race*

The Wall

In regards to Trumps’ wall, here are some comments from Christian Frehner, of FIGU in Switzerland: [...]  READ MORE

Why UFOs Won’t Matter After 2020

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves

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Billy Meier was first given the 2020 date, for the demise of the United States of America, in 1975. His undeniably impeccably accurate, worldwide environmental warnings began decades earlier. Now, as the time fulfills, the accompanying, deteriorating geopolitical situation, and equally ubiquitous moral and ethical degeneration can also no longer be denied.

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves.

Forget about UFOs

I recently gave a presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, in Sedona, AZ. And, after establishing the singular authenticity of these still ongoing contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, I encouraged, in fact almost pleaded with, the audience to basically…forget about UFOs.

I instead recommended that we grasp the essential reasons for the Meier contacts, now that the still irreproducible UFO evidence has stirred the controversy and the “higher standard of proof”, i.e. the voluminous, specific, prophetically accurate information, has gotten our attention. Both of these elements were intended to lead us to our study, testing and implementation of the spiritual teaching.

Since 2004, I’ve said that the Meier contacts are the key to our future survival and the spiritual teaching is the how-to-assure-it. Beyond that, in fact, it’s the way to live.

Right on Schedule

We only need to go to Sfath’s 1948 letter to see that recent news from Italy, about earthquakes and potential volcanic activity regarding Campi Flegri, appear to be coming…right on schedule.

There’s no need to panic though. We can’t stop the inevitable fulfillment of these predictions (acquired through time travel, meaning they will happen with certainty) but we can do our best to avoid them and warn others.

Don’t waste your time though with the know-it-alls and smug, so-called scientists at the USGS and SETI, or the dabblers at MUFON. So far, the whole lot of them appear to be more interested in preserving their jobs, tenure, celebrity status, etc., even if it means going down with the proverbial ship…or planet.

The Whole Crop of Them

And that seems to apply to scientists in a wide array of fields. Even in the fields where the crops are grown.

Science, like many other things, is a double-edged sword. The problem is that the mentality of human beings, especially among the military of countries like ours, and others, is to use that sword to cut its own throat…and that of as many other human beings they can possibly take with them.

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves.

Please see: The Billy Meier UFO Contacts: New Prophecies & Predictions in preparations for our next show,  which will discuss Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions.

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The War on the Truth

The Billy Meier UFO case bothers the hell out of the frauds, phonies and cowards

War itself, despite its glorification, is often an act of cowardice and failure to muster the necessary courage, patience, dignity and ingenuity – among many things – to resolve conflicts without violence and aggression.

War is also one of the foundational elements and modes of operation of the USA, dating back over 250 years. And it’s no longer such a well-kept secret that America has launched over 200 unprovoked attacks in the past 70 years. These were all acts of aggression which, along with every form of violence, are now synonymous with what American government and policies are at their core and essence.

Wouldn’t we agree that acts of unprovoked aggression and violence, attacks against the innocent, are disgraceful, whether committed against a nation, or an individual?

The Biggest War

The war on the truth is the biggest war. While not exclusively American, it’s certainly prosecuted more and more by, and with the help of, America and its institutions. If we weren’t at war with the truth, we wouldn’t have most wars. Considering and analyzing all such situations, step-by-step, through the applied understanding of the law of cause and effect will reveal this.

While the alternative media correctly identifies the mainstream media as a purveyor of fake and untrue news, it too only goes so far in revealing and reporting the real and complete truth.

In fact, its spokespeople are equally completely complicit in suppressing the Billy Meier UFO case, its evidence and the ceaselessly fulfilling, prophetically accurate warnings which, as such, do not bode well for the survival of this country and its people, quite literally.

In reality, many so-called alternative news sources are themselves seeking to attain the same kind of status and profits as the sources they seek to supplant.

Snakes Strike

Many of the human beings of Earth have, over several millennia, grown absolutely fearful and disdainful of the truth, having had their brains so rotted out by religion and politics that they’ve turned the responsibility for their own lives over to imaginary beings and equally miserable, failed false leaders. So that which requires reason, logic and objective, critical thinking has become the purview of a relatively tiny percentage of the population.

People trapped in this twisted, downward spiral often react like rattlesnakes and strike the stick that prods them towards a way out of their tormented, dead-end plunge into self-destruction. And the venom that is directed at a true prophet and truth-bringer makes what comes from a rattlesnake’s fangs seem almost like ambrosia in comparison.

While the Meier case is less about UFOs and extraterrestrials, and more about the spiritual teaching – and helping us to assure our own very threatened future survival – some of the worst of the snakes-in-the-grass are the self-styled “UFO experts”, hacks who hawk their delusional wares to the gullible, always absent even one shred of evidence to back up their claims.

Little do they realize, or care, just what a huge disservice they do to their fellow humans by deliberately promoting this junk…and suppressing the truth.

Roaches Scurry

The Meier case bothers the hell out of the frauds, phonies and cowards in the UFO industry…and their followers. There’s something about its all-enduring, inescapable truthfulness, its very existence, now spanning more than 75 years, that simply drives the charlatans and hucksters absolutely crazy. It’s like what happens when you turn on the lights in a roach-infested room and see the creatures scurrying for the safety of darkness.

The only difference is that this retreat is accompanied by vituperation hurled towards the bringer of the light, whose authenticity lays bare their shameful sham and cynical profiteering.

Over many years of observation, it’s indisputable that the mere mention of the Meier case frequently results in an onslaught of knee-jerk, undeserved nastiness and the mindless repetition of false, skeptical attacks, by shallow unthinking people. Almost completely absent are any…questions that would show some intellectual curiosity, rational thinking skills and a healthy desire to question, learn and know, rather than the immediate assumption of some trickery. Perhaps the strangest thing of all is that these kinds of haters don’t even, ever know why they lose complete control over themselves, since Meier has never asked anything of, nor done anything to, them. What a sad reflection on the degeneration of the human being we are treated to that automatically first responds with fear, suspicion and cynicism…and doesn’t even know why.

A World Class Coward

The latest glaring example is Kevin Randle, who felt so threatened by the singular authenticity of the Meier case that, instead of actually researching the evidence himself, he admitted to cobbling together skeptical material from other people just to attack Meier. The debate I had with him, about the deliberate disinformation and slander he promoted, can be heard here.

Well, actually, I had to debate his…written comments because he turned out to be a world class coward who, safely sniping at people from his blog, was too afraid to defend or substantiate his nasty accusations. Arnold Schwarzenegger characterized gutless people like that as girlie men.

Lacking the courage and integrity to face the confrontation, Randle tried to…save face instead by writing another blog – attacking Meier again! Paul Kimball, one of Randle’s supporters, then congratulated him for being a wimp and running from the debate, leaving no doubt that he’s also a moral and ethical weakling. It’s too bad because I even volunteered to teach and assist Randle how to determine the truth for himself.

The UFO industry is filled with profiteers and poseurs who’ve sought to safely skate by on sensationalism and speculation, without having to substantiate stories for which no evidence still exists, if it ever did.

As said earlier, the war on the truth is what it’s all about.

Ending the Phony “Original Negatives” Challenge

We’ve heard endless phony (there’s that word again) complaints by skeptics and deniers who hurl the charge that Billy Meier’s UFO photos were hoaxed and that the “original negatives were never analyzed”. Well, that’s been further put out to pasture by the existence of this interview with Jim Diletosso, from 2009. Of course, the written report on the photo analysis has also been available here for many more years.



Water We Talking About?

Just when things aren’t screwed up enough (apparently by a long shot) we learn that the nice, face-saving bureaucrats in Japan have decided that it’s a good idea at Fukushima to release water with tritium.

Right, jaw-dropping, staggeringly stupid and…well, what can one say?

The best thing I know of for trying to protect against the effects of radiation is Modifilan. Contact me for more information if you wish.

It may also be encouraging to know that the chemicals now reported to be in Tennessee and California drinking water are indeed removed by this water filtration system that you can use in your own home.


Thanks to Matt Knight for the Diletosso link and to Norm DeCindis for the Fukushima info.


The Truth about Russia

We must focus on the spiritual teaching, the key to our future survival, as the time fulfills

The recent James Comey hearing in Washington, D.C., has clarified a few things. Among them is the fact that, as usual, the whole issue about Russian influence in the US presidential election, and collusion between Trump and Russia, etc., was indeed fake news. The real collusion was and is between most of the Demonrats, Ripupliclowns and the MSM, with the Deep State warmongers underneath it all.

The warnings about the extremely dire consequences of the European and American provocation of, and aggression towards, Russia are spelled out in the prophetic (and predictive) information in the Billy Meier material, such as in Sfath’s 1948 letter:

132. As a result, the period will come when, as a consequence of the provocation by the dictatorship union in Europe and America against Russia, the danger of a further world-encompassing war will again grow, if the restrained and peace-striving Russia, under some circumstances, lets itself be forced into an armed engagement, which is not yet fathomed in the future, and corresponds to a prophecy, whereby it cannot be said yet whether a catastrophic activity will or will not occur in this period.

While Sfath was still uncertain about the outcome, a year later young Eduard Albert Meier expressed an unambiguous outcome in his warning to America, in poetic form, in the last part of his “Open Letter of Saturday, 7th of July 1949, to Governments and Public Media in Europe”:*

America and the Europa-land will tremble, when from the East, freedom comes with a hard hand, which is suppressed by America and Europe, which, however, will be punished by a hard lesson, for their world domination-sense, which they evilly harbor and thus put countries and peoples in dictatorships. [...]  READ MORE

These Are the Real Numbers

The harsh reality about how many terrorists are already within the US

I recently asked Billy Meier several questions. When we met a couple of days later, he explained that he had  prepared  the answers to them the night before, based on information from Ptaah.

While we were provided with warnings from Meier about just how unimaginably dangerous to all of civilization the IS is, and information about the number of IS “sleepers” in Europe, first in 2016 and then again in 2017, no one had posed the question regarding the numbers here in the US.

It isn’t only Europe that has been invaded by hordes of terrorists, criminals and extremists. The truth about the numbers of those who are hostile to us now present in the US is staggering:

Q: How many IS “sleepers” and/or terrorists are there in the US?

A: What Florena has brought me regarding information from Ptaah, is the following, namely, that on December 31, 2016 the Plejaren had accurate knowledge that in the United States 1,407 IS “sleepers” were present, while further Plejaren information regarding potential terrorists of other domestic and foreign groups, who do not belong to the Islamist State, were calculated to be well over 171,000, in which case these others were usually terroristicly indoctrinated lone perpetrators, as however also of a psychopathic and psychically confused nature. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Presents the Billy Meier UFO Case in NYC

Advance tickets now available for October event

Michael Horn will present a lecture on the Billy Meier UFO case and an interactive workshop at the Multiple Realities International Conference, October 20 and October 21, 2017, in New York City.

The Meier Contacts: The Key to Our Future Survival as the Time Fulfills

With the ceaseless fulfillment of the prophecies and predictions presented by Billy Meier and the Plejaren over the past 66 years, our individual and collective survival will depend, literally, on the study and application of the ancient, non-religious belief-free spiritual teaching.

Michael will present an overview of the singularly authentic Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for over 75 years, including the physical evidence, the prophecies, predictions and the spiritual teaching. He will also present an interactive workshop on the practical core elements of the spiritual teaching that can be applied in daily life, at any time, unobtrusively and effectively to better navigate the increasingly turbulent waters of these long forewarned of times. [...]  READ MORE

An Open Letter to Paul Craig Roberts

People want a “savior”, none is coming

Dear Paul,

Regarding your article, while you’re correct, I’m sorry that you too have deliberately ignored and suppressed the following warnings that originated decades ago, most likely because of your religious beliefs:

“America Will Be Wrecked”

“Paris will be destroyed from within”: Billy Meier, 1981

Contained within the blogs are the unpleasant details – which you can now see unfolding yourself.

Warnings about provoking Russia are also contained in this video and this one.

You’re a very smart and perceptive man. Perhaps the time is nearing when you’ll do your part in making this long suppressed information public so that the people have a chance to see it and decide for themselves…before it’s completely too late.

People want a “savior”. None is coming. But there is a key that self-responsible people can use to help assure their own, very threatened future survival. Now that you clearly have it, please insert in the lock, turn it and let the truth flow through.


Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts

The Blog!


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