Billy Meier Right about Mother Theresa, Stolen Children and More

And the hits just keep on a-comin’…19 years after Meier published them

Better Late than Never

This new article is indeed…better late than never. Though, unfortunately, probably too late for an untold number of families and stolen children.

Once again, Billy Meier was told, and published, this important information almost 20 years in advance of it being publicly revealed or “discovered”. You can read the truth about Mother Theresa, as told to Meier by the Plejaren, in 1990.

If you’re not offended enough by the goring of sacred cows, here’s some more about a major…Bull-Slinger. And, on a somewhat related note, another Buddhist Bad Boy. [...]  READ MORE

Multi-Media Presentations on Billy Meier UFO Case

The only scientifically proven UFO contacts, still ongoing for more than 75 years

With all the current interest in UFOs – the Pentagon spent $110 million trying to learn the truth! – I think you’d agree that the confirmed existence of extraterrestrial life would be the single most important discovery in human history…exceeded only by contact with it.

My name is Michael Horn and I’m the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts, the only scientifically proven UFO contacts, still ongoing for more than…75 years[...]  READ MORE

Another Billy Meier Prophecy Fulfilling

More dire consequences of climate change denial

The information in this recent article, Global Ocean Circulation Appears To Be Collapsing Due To A Warming Planet, indicates that, as is repeatedly the case, humankind has failed to recognize and acknowledge the reality of what Billy Meier first warned about in 1951, regarding the unnatural, manmade climate change and global warming, and the dreadful worldwide consequences.

Ptaah told Meier about the specific dangers that could unfold should the global conveyor belt break down: [...]  READ MORE

Major “New” Scientific Discovery Published by Billy Meier 27 Years Ago

Specific information about rare form of lightning already given to UFO contactee by extraterrestrials in 1989

Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier claims to still be in face-to-face contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings for more than 74 years. His over 1,200, stunningly clear, still irreproducible, pre-digital era, UFO photos, films and video are the best physical evidence available, some were recently used in the new season of X-Files television shows, etc.

Even more amazing are the 26,000+ pages of information Meier’s published, containing large amounts of specific, prophetically accurate, scientific and world event related information. Despite well over 150 corroborated examples of his preemptive scientific accuracy, anti-truth, anti-scientific vested interests have consistently worked to suppress the Meier case; there have also been 22 documented attempts on his life for his trouble. [...]  READ MORE

Stefan Molyneux to Discuss Billy Meier UFO Case?

His audience would also benefit from knowing about the Billy Meier UFO case and its vast body of specific, prophetically accurate information

Thanks to Tănase Hagi in Romania, I’m in communication with the show producer for Stefan Molyneux, a very intelligent, controversial, Canadian author, anarcho-capitalist, philosopher, blogger, etc., in hopes that we’ll discuss some of his erroneous assumptions and conclusions about climate change, global warming, etc.

Since Molyneux comments on quite a few topics and global issues, I think that his audience would also benefit from knowing about the Billy Meier UFO case and the vast body of specific, prophetically accurate environmental warnings and information in the Henoch Prophecies, pertaining to the US, Canada, Russia, etc., and in earlier works that specifically foretold the ever-increasing Islamist terrorism. [...]  READ MORE

The Iceman Cometh Back to Freeze Out the Skeptics

Ignoring UFO contactee Billy Meier’s chillingly accurate predictions doesn’t bode well for our future survival

In 2008, we published information about the so-called Iceman that showed that Billy Meier received and published the essential facts well before the “official discovery” of the frozen mummy. Of course the skeptics and sophists came out of their own blocks of intellectual ice to attack Meier, claiming that he falsified, backdated the information, etc.

While skepticism is an appropriate element, as opposed to a valid, overriding philosophical, scientific or professional position, the particular kind of skeptics who rushed to attack the Meier case presume that this reclusive man, his evidence, information and his claims, all only exist to try to fool them. Since they considered themselves to be too “smart” for such a ruse, they set themselves up like bowling pins for the inevitable corroboration of Meier’s truthfulness to scatter them all over the proverbial alley, which has now happened again, as Matt Knight illustrates below*. They also inadvertently have helped to corroborate Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information about Jupiter, Io, etc. [...]  READ MORE

The Cows Ain’t Driving, They’re only the Passengers

And it’s speeding down a dead-end road

There’s an interesting article titled The World’s Leading Driver of Climate Change: Animal Agriculture by our old friend Andy. As you’ll see, Andy puts the main blame for climate change on animal agriculture and the methane gas produced therefrom. Major contributor that it is, for some unknown reason he neglects to state that animal agriculture is actually only the passenger in that vehicle, which is really driven by overpopulation. Another element to this story is that virtually all of Andy’s footnotes pertain to articles dated well after 2000. [...]  READ MORE