How Did I Know Before Putin?

Put your money to good use and learn how to roll your own cigarettes


Vladimir Putin recently made a very succinct comment  about the diminishing US monetary supremacy and its global implications.

Of course, while he’s not alone these days in sensing the coming financial collapse, I’d already reported on Billy Meier’s foretelling it, 14 years ago:

And when Putin says:

“Many countries are now turning away from the dollar

…we’re reminded of what the Henoch Prophecies also long ago foretold: [...]  READ MORE

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Killed

Thanks to Donald Trump the world is finally safe at last

According to news reports, ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed.

According to Billy Meier, as of 2017 there were 1,407 IS “sleepers”, plus well over 171,000 “terroristicly indoctrinated lone perpetrators” and other assorted nutcases…in the US.

See also:

Destruction in North America

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The people were warnedand did they listen?

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions, Part 3

As the world spirals out of control, we are still completely self-responsible for everything in our own lives

When we speak about reverse engineering the prophecies and predictions in the Billy Meier UFO contacts, we are assuming that certain things in the Henoch and other prophecies will now unstoppably fulfill and occur.  Perhaps our assumption is incorrect, perhaps not.

However, today we want to pay  attention to  this development because it’s very relevant to the coming global financial collapse and as an indicator of the very failed US policies including Trump’s regarding tariffs, sanctions, etc. It’s also another contributor to the coming US civil wars, as things break down here and political partisanship contributes to the conflicts within the country, scapegoating, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Predictions from 1948 and 2017 on Verge of Fulfilling

Campi Flegri volcano and economy show more signs of coming eruptions

NOTE: Certain items have been rendered colored and in bold that specifically refer to the fact that they pertain to , and were obtained through, actual time travel, not the fanciful, entertainment-oriented stuff of online fantasy purveyors.

Michael Horn Live, EP 42

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific Time

The latest news shows that now inevitable eruption of Campi Flegri, aka the Phlegraean Fields in Italy, is edging ever closer. Its actual, future eruption was seen by Billy Meier’s first extraterrestrial mentor, Sfath, during a time travel, as he reported to then 11-year-old Meier, in 1948[...]  READ MORE

Fires: The People Were Warned

What is yet to come will be equally incomprehensible

223. Enormous firestorms and gigantic hurricanes will sweep over the USA and bring devastation, destruction and annihilation, as this from time immemorial never before will have happened.

The Henoch Prophecies, 1987

The purpose of pointing this out is not to cause further pain and suffering for the people already impacted by these terrible events. Most, of course, never knew about these warnings. This is not an I-told-you-so moment, it’s another attempt at a wake-up call.

Photo © Grant and Cassie Denham

We also see that long foretold events strike with a vengeance ever more frequently, as Californians throughout the state are discovering.

My friend Jack, who made SROT with me, saving his house during Malibu fire:

A Review

In hopes that people may now be more receptive to learning about Billy Meier’s information, especially the prophetic warnings spanning over 70 years, I will reiterate some of it, dating back to 1948:

1948: Sfath warned about the destruction of the WTC, environmental destruction, specific earthquakes and eruptions yet to come in Italy, Germany and the US, the cause of the illegal immigration problems, the origins of much of the world’s terrorism, etc.

1951: The beginning of Billy Meier’s comprehensive environmental warnings about the consequences of manmade climate change, unnatural global warming, the damage to the ozone layer, etc., all rooted in overpopulation [...]  READ MORE

The Game Is Rigged Choose Not to Play

It’s time to focus on the essential, intrinsically important matters of life

The game is rigged and it’s set up for you to lose. Anyone who’s paying attention now can see that what Billy Meier has said for years, and even decades, is not only accurate but ceaselessly fulfilling…in our time. In my interview with him regarding America’s two coming civil wars, you may note that not only did he say that America will be wrecked, and that Clinton and Trump are simply dumb and just as dumb, but that the ordinary people who are in the minority, meaning those who can see the truth, who care about it, and are well-intentioned towards their fellow humans and all life, can really do nothing effective about it at this time… and for some time to come.

So, no matter what the charade, no matter what kind of theatrical farce is being played out, even with rather intense, serious, destructive events taking place, the best use of your time is on self-development so that whatever actions you choose to take in the world will be more consciously thought out and effective in filling your life with peace, love, freedom and harmony.

But please don’t despair. It’s time to get around to the real business at hand, the things that are really important in your life and the lives of those you love. So, while we will continue to update on the so-called news of the day, we will focus more and more on the essential, intrinsically important matters of life.

And now…

The So-called News

While it’s easy to see that none of the “isms” have real answers to most of society’s problems, a point raised by socialists, about health care for everyone, is a good idea. Of course, our country prefers to spend literally trillions of dollars on weapons of war and destruction. How is it that it’s “necessary” for a country, separated from any powerful enemies, real or imagined, by thousands of miles of (polluted) oceans, to neglect focusing on protecting the quality of life for all its citizens and instead invest in inevitable outcomes, such as described in the Henoch Prophecies (HP):

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

As Foretold

Here are a few more things long foretold in the Meier information that are now unfolding:

Let’s count the number of times Billy Meier warned about the increase in frequency and intensity of storms.

Then there’s this unlikely warning, also in the HP, about civl wars coming to Germany:

264. This, then, will also be the time, during which the German citizenship will even fight in a civil war and, at the same time, attack a large army from East Germany. [...]  READ MORE

The QAnon Con

It’s time to take self-responsibility for your own life and stop conning yourself

Nobody’s coming to save us, the “evil elite” aren’t going to be magically whisked off the planet and, unless you stop being merely a spectator in life, there are many rude surprises in store.

As I say in my video, the problem isn’t that QAnon rightly identifies some of the problems, as well as many people’s hopes and dreams. The problem is that too many people are conning themselves into thinking that just because some nice videos have gone online…the problems are over.

They’re not. Many are just beginning. And the real solutions aren’t to be found in anyone’s videos, in any political rhetoric, or “a-savior-do-be-a-comin'” religious sermons. This has never been the way of real progress and it won’t be now.

For those who get their dose of hyper-happy hope from QAnon, or any other form of…entertainment, sober up and become the hero in your own life because, truly, there’s not much you can do about all that stuff “out there” now.

The time for that is passed.

Now is certainly the time to forge good, solid, meaningful, healthily interdependent relationships with like-minded people. Study the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching and make the best of this life, the one you actually live, not the phantasmagoria (See: 127) that you’re addicted to online, in movies, video games, etc., which indeed turns people into “humble beings, like cringing dogs”.

Pay close attention to what Billy Meier has said about those who don’t agree with the policies of the powers that be:

Please also see the information at the links below, from a source that has proved to be impeccably accurate, for a more realistic, albeit unpleasant assessment of what’s coming our way, here in America, as well as the rest of the world:

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The Way to Live

There really is a way to live in peace, love, freedom, harmony and…inner strength.