As the Time Fulfills (Part 5)

As the time fulfills, it becomes less and less necessary to try to prove anything to a world that has largely chosen to ignore the harsh truth. But a couple of items that find their way into the news will be noted here and there for those who may be interested and would benefit from the additional reminders. Most people will not draw the connections but for those who are willing to perceive them, perhaps there are still some things that can be prevented, mitigated, or minimized in impact and severity. Perhaps not. [...]  READ MORE

As the Time Fulfills (Part4)

Russia’s recent warning that an attack on Iran is an attack on her, by the West (U.S.) and/or Israel, echoes what Billy Meier told me in May of 2006.

The subject of Israel and its self-determined fate was explained to Meier, as far back as 1981, “His land, Israel, as is said in a prophecy, will be annihilated by the countries from the East in the far future by war and death, when the warriors from the East will knee-deep wade in the blood of the human beings of Israel.

And as recently as July 2006, Meier was told, “Also the hate of Israel by the Arabs of all Arabic and other Islamic countries grows naturally without bounds, which ultimately can lead to Israel yet still being attacked by united Arabic armed forces and razed to the ground.” [...]  READ MORE

Take America Back! or…Can You Feel the Love?

I recently got an email from an online friend of mine that was one huge page of anti-Obama jokes. Were they racist? No…not all of them.

Is my friend a racist? I don’t think so. Actually, she and I are the most unlikely of online friends. Our views on everything from religion to politics – and certainly regarding the Billy Meier case – couldn’t be more opposite. So why are we friends? Just because we can recognize some commonality as human beings, immersed in the human condition, and we somehow chose to allow that to create a friendly bond that superseded our differences. [...]  READ MORE

SKEPTIC Admits Reading Billy Meier Predictions… Foretold BEFORE Events Occurred!

Rising skeptical star eclipsed by super-nova, the dark, skeptical night illuminated by Germanic Jennifer’s close encounter with the truth 

A young astronomer, who bills himself as a skeptic – rather than a scientist – may have bitten off more than he can…Chew*. Stuart Robbins, who specialized in targeting the flimsy claims of lightweight paranormal theorists, has himself been skewered – and embarrassingly so – by one of his own fellow skeptics.

Gravitational Collapse

On a recent blog Robbins again chose to go after Michael Horn’s claims regarding the evidence in the Billy Meier case. As the predictable attacking, skeptical responses mounted to Horn’s rebuttals, along with demands he prove that there was verifiable documentation from Wendelle Stevens to support Meier’s claims, an unexpected thing happened. [...]  READ MORE

An Open Letter to the Radio Show Hosts

Dear Esteemed Hosts,

I thank you for the opportunities that you’ve extended to me to present the Billy Meier material. Please pardon this public format but I have been receiving emails from listeners to many of the shows I’ve done with you, over the past 10 years.

What I’m now hearing the most about from them is the way in which Meier’s prophecies keep coming true. As you may also know, many people always ask, “Why doesn’t he predict something new so we’ll know it’s true?” My answer didn’t always satisfy everyone, “Keep watching the news and checking back to see if what he already foretold is coming true.” [...]  READ MORE

Hello, Anyone Out There Paying Attention?

Well now, will you look at that, seems like the Russians have decided to have a little fun in the snow. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

But why don’t we sit down by the fireplace, pull out the dusty, old Henoch Prophecies and take a gander at just what that prophet had to say, about 11,000 years ago, shall we?

Now what’s that about Russia attacking…Alaska, which is actually a part of America, right?

And that funny word, Arkhangelsk, what was it that Henoch said about the Ruskies doing something ‘round those parts? [...]  READ MORE

Egypt, Tunisia and the Henoch Prophecies

Events don’t just occur in, or out of, a vacuum, though most people rarely see the underlying causes that lead to the ultimate effects. This is in large part due to millennia of delusional religious indoctrination that teaches that one is not really responsible for their actions and that some outside god, guru, saint, minister, rabbi, mullah or priest can, and will, absolve them of, and forgive them for, all their “sins”, “save” them and magically grant their other wishes as well.

In a sense, the same thing is to be said of politics and diplomacy, two manmade forms of seeking advantage by lie and pretense. The truth requires no diplomacy. Our fear of not getting what we want, and our determination to get it through deception, at someone else’s expense, is an underlying condition of politics and diplomacy for which we think no price is to be paid, or that it shall fall to someone else to pay it. [...]  READ MORE