The Year In Review 2020

The deadly consequences of trusting utterly incompetent, failed “leaders” and idiotic conspiracy theories; unreported vaccine dangers

Please feel free to call in to Michael Decon’s show on Saturday, November 28, 6:30PM Pacific Time. We’ll be discussing the events of the (almost) past year.

We can be grateful that we are fortunate enough to know about and study the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren about COVID-19, dating back nine months ago, when we began publishing the still most important information about this disease.

Speaking of which, here is the headline of a recent WSJ article:

Lessons From Europe’s Covid Surge: Control Is Fragile and Losing It Is Easy [...]  READ MORE

$10,000 Reward – No Questions Asked!

With a doubling of the reward for the missing UFO photos, perhaps they will be returned to Billy Meier and also be seen by the public

Due to the generosity of another anonymous donor, we are increasing the $5,000 reward previously offered for the return of the missing photos of Billy Meier, Semjase and her beamship (UFO), to $10,000.

The same conditions apply as stated in the original reward offer:

No legal charges of any kind will be made against the person or persons involved in facilitating the safe return of the photo(s). The photo(s) must be in good condition, so as to allow for clear identification of Billy Meier, Semjase and the beamship (UFO). [...]  READ MORE

Close to Home

One friend succumbed to cancer, another to New Age mumbo-jumbo and delusional conspiracy theories

I recently lost a friend to cancer, Harry Deligter, with whom I’d done a number of projects dating back about 25 years. This kind of thing can cause one to reflect on the transitory and fragile nature of life. It’s sobering and also increases conscious appreciation of those who are still present in life and in one’s own life.

I have another friend, Dave, who I’ve known for 33 years and who expresses a very different sense about life. I first met Dave, a self-described seeker and refugee from Scientology, and his then wife, on a trip with a small group to Hawaii, in 1987. In those relatively carefree days, escapism into New Age nonsense, like channeling and chasing lights-in-the-sky, was just beginning to take root and I’d been invited to join this group on a little quest. [...]  READ MORE

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During the pandemic, people wear face masks to respect and protect others — not merely to protect themselves, says a team of Northwestern University researchers. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier Right Again: COVID Three-Month Asymptomatic Incubation

Confirmation of three-month, asymptomatic incubation, Long COVID, European surge & violent riots predicted by Billy Meier 

As the nation flounders hopelessly with the virus out of control, the utter incompetence, arrogance and ignorance of all the “experts” has come home to roost.

On February 25th, when we published the first and most accurate information about the COVID-19 coronavirus disease, from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, there were only…57 cases in the entire US.  There are now over 10,730,000 cases and almost 250,000 deaths[...]  READ MORE

THE MYSTERIOUS TREE at the Hinwil UFO Demonstration

Billy Meier filmed a UFO going around a tree in 1975 but that tree didn’t exist until…2005


Following the recent discovery of long lost Billy Meier UFO photos, of what appears to be a US Stealth fighter, there’s new, mind boggling evidence that when Billy Meier filmed a UFO circling a tree, in 1975, what he filmed wasn’t actually happening then but that it was happening…30 years in the future .

Read on:

THE MYSTERIOUS TREE at the Hinwil UFO Demonstration

By: Francisco Villate (Rhal Zahi) October 25, 2020 [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier UFO Photos with US Stealth Fighter!

Wendelle Stevens took photos in America showing Semjase’s UFO and US Stealth fighter!


The five photos previously believed to have been taken in Switzerland showing Semjase’s UFO and a Swiss Mirage jet, may possibly have been WERE taken in either California or at Area 51  by Wendelle Stevens – the only other man to be taken on board with Billy Meier by Semjase – and may actually show a US Stealth fighter.


More information to follow!

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