Coronavirus: The Catastrophic Cost of Carelessness

The announced loosening worldwide leads to a new wave of corona virus infections and many corona deaths

This is an unofficial, unauthorized translation. It may contain errors and will be replaced with the official translation as soon as available.

Extract from the 742nd contact of 13 June 2020

Ptaah What I have to say is this: We have made various predictions regarding the Corona epidemic for the coming months and we have discovered some frightening things, about which I still have some things to explain, which are also important and significant for all of you. As I explained three weeks ago, you should continue to adhere to the safety measures I have recommended, because the coming months will require this in particular. So, all of you – by which I mean all FIGU members, limited partnership members and passive members, FIGU friends and all those people worldwide who are outside FIGU but who read our advice on your website and willingly follow it – should not deviate from the security measures we have mentioned in the coming months. On the one hand, this concerns in particular the wearing of suitable protective masks of the form FFP2, which must cover the respiratory organ and the mouth, if a <into the nearer area> of strangers is unavoidable. On the other hand, the emergency obligation should be observed that a distance of at least 2 metres to strangers is maintained and a protective mask is worn, especially when conversations are being held. [...]  READ MORE

You Can Do What the Real Leaders Are Doing About COVID-19

We will perish if we wait for the false “leaders” to lead, our future survival is up to…us

You’ll find documentation of emails sent to Arizona officials, educators, medical scientists, media, journalists, etc., who failed to protect and serve the public, along with their email addresses here.

Please become one of the real leaders, the ordinary citizens who aren’t content to wait for others to come and save them, or act in their best interests without being pressured to do so. [...]  READ MORE

Hospitals Stressed – As We Warned Four Months Ago!

The steps we must take to contain, control and stop the spread of COVID-19

Here’s a new article in the Arizona Daily Sun:

Arizonans grapple with closures as hospitals prep for surge

Here’s the article I published on February 27th:

URGENT: To ALL Hospitals, Don’t Pretend – PREPARE


People of course want to know how to deal with this, what we should do, once we get the attention of the media, responsible officials, etc.

Here are a few necessary steps:

1. Vet the information published on February 25th for accuracy. [...]  READ MORE

End of June: Over 10 Million Infected People Worldwide!

The first wave is only approaching its peak, contrary to claims to the contrary 


Read the following translation, recognize the EXTREME danger you are in and  take action here now:


741st Contact, Saturday, 30 May 2020, 20.22

(The following is an unauthorized, unofficial translation that will be replaced with the official English translation once available.) 

Billy  You are already here, dear friend, welcome and greetings, Ptaah. You said you came here because you had something important to discuss. [...]  READ MORE


Governmental, medical, media officials, scientists, kept life-saving information from public


STATE HAD 5 CASES NOW OVER – 74,000 & 1,500 DEATHS!!


This article about Arizonawhich now leads the world in per capita COVID-19 cases – tells only part of the story.

Beginning on March 5th, when there were only five confirmed cases in the state, numerous emails were sent to Arizona governmental and medical officials, news media, scientists, etc.

They suppressed and hid these and other life-saving warnings, from the public, and now there are over…74,000 cases, and 1,500 deaths.

The outrageous failure of Arizona officials to protect the public is well documented*.

To stop the spread of this highly contagious disease, this impeccably accurate scientific information must be brought to worldwide attention.

We can make a difference.

We must hold these people accountable. Let them hear from you:


I’ve included many of the mainstream news media to whom I’ve also sent this information.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, steve.stecklow@thomsonreut,, ,,,,,, ,, [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19 Emails Sent to Arizona Officials Since March 5th

Proof we warned Arizona officials – even before the W.H.O. and CDC – of most important pandemic facts, precautions

COVID-19 Emails Sent to Arizona Officials Since March 5th

Beginning on March 5th, 2020, these are some of the emails I sent to dozens of Arizona governmental and medical officials, news media, scientists, reporters, journalists, etc.*

I received only one courtesy response, no inquiries, questions, challenges, etc.

Michael Horn

————————- [...]  READ MORE

CDC Admits Billy Meier Right 10 Times Number COVID-19 Cases

Almost four months later, the CDC catches up with Meier’s information; when will American public demand accountability?


CDC: Coronavirus may have infected 10 times more Americans than known

The CDC now says that the actual numbers are also 10 times higher than previously sated. Those who read this blog have known that information, already contained in the information from Billy Meier on March 2nd, that I published on May 1st, when I received the approved English translation to Contact 732. “And this missed chance will now mean that, during the next two months alone, just according to official figures, around three million human beings worldwide will be infected by the coronavirus, which, however, in reality will be 10.4 times as high. This, while an official number of around 200,000 human beings will die of the rampantly spreading disease by the end of April, whereas also this official number will not correspond to the truth. Rather, according to our very precise and exact calculating forecast, it will have to be calculated at more than 512,000.“ And regarding this comment: “This virus causes so much asymptomatic infection,” Redfield said. “We probably recognized about 10 percent of the outbreak.” Let’s remember how the information from the Plejaren, which I published on February 25th, prioritized that not only were the actual numbers higher, that the disease is spread through the air, but also that asymptomatic spreaders were a major factor…since the actual incubation period is much longer…and still unrecognized: “The Coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) is highly contagious, obviously this applies especially for the Chinese, but also for other Southeast Asian peoples. It can be transmitted from person to person as well as through the air, that is to say, the breath or through clothing, etc. Contrary to the information from the WHO, the incubation period is not 2 weeks, as Ptaah explains, but according to his information, this time should be calculated up to 4 weeks or, in certain cases, even up to 3 months. Infected persons in whom the disease has not yet broken out, remain potential carriers of the rampantly spreading disease during the entire time, from infection up to the healing of the disease – if it breaks out at all – which means that they are contagious during the entire time and can transmit the disease to other human beings.” And, still unknown to our medical science is this, regarding different races having different immune systems: “If and when the rampantly spreading disease, Covid-2, becomes visible/manifests itself in a person depends on the strength and stability of his/her immune system. Based on what the Plejaren or Ptaah explained, the immune systems vary from people to people and from race to race.” Arizona Now Epicenter of Coronavirus Crisis With the new figures out about Arizona’s (almost) unbelievable status as the “epicenter of the early summer’s coronavirus crisis“, it’s quite obvious that, harsh as my words have been, they’ve been precisely on target, calling out the utterly incompetent, unqualified, arrogant and ignorant state officials and others who’ve endangered the citizens and are culpable for the ongoing disaster in the state. Of course, the arrogance of all those who were dismissive of the information – because it came from a man named Billy Meier, who attributed it to an extraterrestrial source – in itself shows why such a source can’t make direct contact with a race of human beings who are, demonstrably, too stupid to not only figure this out for themselves in a timely manner, but who at the same time consider themselves the singular, crowning glory of creation in this vast universe. Again though, the source doesn’t matter. All that should matter is the impeccable accuracy of the information, which I began to publish on February 25th, with even this from February 20th.

See also. a few of the 80 articles about COVID-19, since February 25th: A Faint Glimmer from The Light of Reason – European Scientists Studying Plejaren COVID-19 Information

As Arizona COVID Cases Rise by 2,400 the Cowards Keep Silent  [...]  READ MORE