The People Were Warned and SOMEBODY Listened, Part 2

Now Putin calls for “a modern, non-aligned system of international security” to fight the threat of global terror

Two months ago, we reported on the courageous comments from Gen. Michael Flynn, who came forward to warn about the real dangers from Islamist terrorism, echoing Billy Meier’s call for an international military coalition to eliminate the threat. Our conservative estimates of how many IS fighters were already in Europe was completely eclipsed by Meier’s recent report indicating that at least 17,461 had already infiltrated. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier: 17,461 IS Terrorist “Sleepers” Now in Europe

Meier’s 1987 warning of terrorist attacks in Europe now echoed by international press 

Updating what Billy Meier first warned about in 1987, in an unofficial translation of an excerpt from Contact 642, on January 30, 2016, Ptaah told Meier that 17,461 people “directly connected with the IS and the al Qaida terror organization who should be described as so-called “sleepers had been identified” and had snuck into Europe with the flow of migrants:

Billy: “You have told me at our previous meeting on January 6 that you are about to clarify how many al Qaida and IS sleepers have sneaked in with the flow of migrants into Europe.” [...]  READ MORE

Danger, America

The breakdown is under way and there are things that are being used to prop it up, to create the impression or illusion things are just fine. Gas prices are great, aren’t they? There are also little hints about how misplaced bravado, carelessness, arrogance and insensitivities can end up being very costly. Some of those elements may well have figured into the Charlie Hebdo tragedy.

The Spies We Loved

Like so many people, I’ve always loved spy and espionage thrillers. For the most part the popular protagonists have been either American or British “heroes” up against their counterparts from Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc. Whether suave, gadget laden types like James Bond, or the more cerebral, non-descript heroes, we do seem to have a love for these intrigues. But now there’s a new trend, especially on various TV shows where the enemies are of course terrorists largely of the radical Islamic variety. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier: More Constant than the Speed of Light

Pseudo-scientist, Stuart Robbins, proved wrong  – yet again – as scientists corroborate more of Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate information

Scientists announced that the speed of light isn’t always constant, confirming once again what UFO contactee Billy Meier said waaaaaay back in 1979:


27. Now, I am actually interested in your questions and calculations.

28. Present them to us.


Happy to do so, my son. Thus, my first question: Is the speed of light constant of presently 299,792.5 kilometers per second, which is calculated by our earthly scientists, correct? [...]  READ MORE

A Dishonourable, Hostile Behaviour


The following new translation should assist some people to understand thatBilly Meier and the Plejaren indeed do have comprehensive knowledge (possibly exceeding their own) of the machinations of the USA (and the West) in various global affairs. That being said, hopefully, those who were simply satisfied to blame the USA for the deadly problems of the terrorist IS, will now be able to grasp the enormous threat posed by those genocidal maniacs and move on to being part of the solution, instead of just impotent, angry bystanders and critics. [...]  READ MORE

Let’s Be Clear about the Mission


Annie Newman forward this new article that reveals more about the inhuman, degenerates in the IS that viciously abuse children in their murderous schemes.


In the face of the recent, unexpected call from Billy Meier and the Plejaren for the formation of a multi-national military coalition to stop the IS, many people have gotten stuck playing the blame game. Some have reacted with predictable finger pointing towards the USA and the CIA, which is certainly not unfounded, though not particularly helpful at the moment. Not only is the atrocious record of US aggression staggering but, as Meier points out, the fraudulent Iraq war is another underlying, causal factor in bringing about the existence and atrocities of the IS. [...]  READ MORE

For Your Consideration


The actual version that is posted on the White House site can be found here. Feel free to share through social media, etc.

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We petition the Obama administration to:

Call for and Join an International Coalition and Multi-National Army to Stop the IS

The world has ample evidence that the IS is a murderous, criminal, terrorist organization whose goal is to persecute, destroy and subjugate the whole of humanity. Their inhuman and inhumane actions are part of an openly declared and perpetrated policy of mass murder and extermination of all those who are not aligned with the fanatical beliefs of this organization, its leaders and followers. If allowed to proceed unchecked, this gang, which currently numbers approximately 100,000 soldiers, will only continue to grow and become unstoppable in spreading its destruction worldwide and effectively plunging the world back into the dark ages. The world must recognize that their deluded leader is nothing less than a potential Hitler who must be stopped now, lest his deadly global plan be fulfilled. [...]  READ MORE