NEW! MUFON WILL Investigate Billy Meier UFO Case

Jan Harzan publicly commits to long overdue study

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, MUFON Director Jan Harzan publicly announced his commitment to the long overdue study and investigation of the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

Michael Horn, the American media representative for the Meier contacts, pointed out that he had found the evidence and information in 1979, long after MUFON had already come into existence*, questioning why such a vast, well-funded organization as MUFON hadn’t.

In addition to expressing his own personal interest in the Meier case, Harzan responded to Horn’s comments, and those of off-screen attendees, stating: [...]  READ MORE

How MUFON Helped the Spread of ISIS

Fear of going out of business trumps preventing the spread of ISIS, the fulfillment of Meier’s other prophecies and even the possible danger to their own lives

I recently spoke with someone in the MUFON organization who is actually concerned with the real world, unlike many people who involve themselves with “researching” UFOs. In fact, she was extremely concerned about the spread of ISIS, or the IS. Her fears are not unfounded of course but she was unaware of how MUFON’s suppression of the Billy Meier UFO case helped the spread of ISIS. [...]  READ MORE

MUFON Got It – I Really Think They Got It!

Sedona MUFON opens its doors – and minds – to the Billy Meier case!

For a very long time MUFON, the international UFO research organization, has variously attacked, ignored, or tried to marginalize the Billy Meier UFO case, which is ironic since it’s the only scientifically proven, still ongoing contact case.

It was only recently that the new director of MUFON, Jan Harzan, agreed to have the case listed on the MUFON site as an actual, historical case. Unfortunately – and I think because of intense pressure from very vested interests within the MUFON hierarchy he and MUFON didn’t take the one necessary step of actually examining the evidence in the case, since it would be a deal ender for MUFON. Where would they go from there once they announced that the Meier case was…authentic[...]  READ MORE

MUFON and the Henoch Prophecies

The inevitable result of putting profit above the truth

Here’s my latest TV show, in which I delve into MUFON, the connection to the Henoch Prophecies and how I think that far from just being an innocuous, distracting and misinforming organization, MUFON’s actions – and its now very obvious complicity with the CIA and State Department – are a real factor in suppressing information that could have allowed, let alone assisted, many, many people to have known the real truth…long ago. [...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: MUFON Acknowledges Billy Meier UFO Case Is Still Ongoing

With a simple retitling by MUFON of the link to the page pertaining to the Billy Meier UFO case as “1964 – present”, it appears that a major step has been taken towards their inevitable, official acknowledgement of Meier’s singular authenticity as a UFO-extraterrestrial contactee.

While the more than 120 previous posts were mainly answers to commonly posed questions, links to information and evidence, etc., this new page is now open for even more direct, critical examination of the Meier case and the staggering implications of its unique, historical significance to humankind. [...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: MUFON Opens the Billy Meier Case for International Investigation

As he had promised to do, MUFON’s Executive Director, Jan Harzan, has opened up the Billy Meier UFO case for international investigation and discussion. By making the research page also interactive, now MUFON’s large international membership, and all other interested parties, can pose their questions and challenges about the Meier case.

It’s also to be noted that the Meier case is also still ongoing – for over 72 years – and the next logical step of course is for MUFON itself to fully participate in the investigation. [...]  READ MORE

The Sunday Comics

Pseudo Stu Suddenly Surfaces at Disinformation Site

Mysteriously missing in action from his own blog, where he’s already censored at least four posts from people pressing him on his refusal to test Billy Meier’s WCUFO photo, and thereby unavoidably authenticating it for himself (as many people have already done worldwide), Pseudoscientist Stuart Robbins has popped up as a “regular panelist” on ATS Live, an online radio show connected to the largest disinformation site, AboveTopSecret.

Now if one thinks that it’s an exaggeration, I suggest joining their forums and to start posting about the Billy Meier case. In fact, go right to the heart of the matter and invite people to not only check out Prof. Rhal Zahi’s extensive research but to also go ahead and test the nighttime WCUFO photo themselves. [...]  READ MORE