The Scapegoat

Had Obama known the truth he would have never sought the presidency

In a recent bulletin, Ptaah explained to Billy Meier that President Obama has long had to endure the influence and effective control of various powerful hidden parties…under threat of death to his family and himself:

“Had Obama known this prior to his efforts for the US presidency – I have fathomed very exactly – that he would be forcibly manipulated by his counselors, the militarily mighty ones and secret services, as well as all around him, who decide above his authority matters of the military and political issues of the State, then he would never have tried for the presidency. Unfortunately, the whole is not completely aware to him, so he gives into evil whispers, while on the other hand it is clear to him that he has to do a lot of things, therefore being sneakily influenced, because he knows very well, that this is the only way to protect his life and the life of his family. Had he not acted according to the will of those influencing him, who of course remain in the background, he wouldn’t be alive anymore, as much as under circumstances this applies to his family. [...]  READ MORE

Who Is the Stronger Leader?

Since Vladimir Putin’s strategic moves regarding Syria, some months back, it’s been quite popular for certain politically partisan people to criticize Obama as not being a strong leader shown up by Putin, etc.

It appears to me that when a leader/president is basically in agreement with the policies of the powers that be behind the scenes, i.e. the military, financial and corporate entities, such as is the case with Putin (and was the case with the Bushes) it’s easier to act powerfully and effectively to carry out one’s aims. However, if one is basically a principled, conscious leader who truly cares for the welfare of his people, and whose personal principles are in direct opposition to many of those to whom he is beholden – and who doubtless has been reminded of the lessons of JFK/Dallas/1963 – it may be far harder to act according to those principles. Certainly, the implimentation of a wonderful idea like affordable health care for all Americans is not solely under the control of the president. That it may have been manipulated in such a way that it turned out to be not quite what he had envisioned, is more the fault of the corporate and political powers that be…and the apathy of the American people. But the venom that’s been directed at Obama for such a terrbile thing as trying to provide health care for a nation that spends its vast fortunes on wars, espionage, state sponsored torture and terrorism – all “in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalisation” – is unfortunately all too typical of the mentality that has developed here. And it’s also channeled into an overwhelming obsession with arming oneself to the teeth, conspiracy and doomsday scenario groups, etc., such as are, as Meier himself had once said, bringing Armageddon upon themselves. With the probability of the country being in anarchy by 2020, it seems like more than a few people are looking to fulfill the worst of the prophecies, instead of trouble themselves to seek to be reasonable and cultivate true love, peace, freedom and harmony.