The Cesspool of Paranormal Insanity

The greatest threats are from the dreaded Reptilians, Dracos and Greys, right?

Now that the Kal Korff fraud has been dealt with, what else is on the UFOlogy house cleaning agenda?

Well, I think I just found the next cesspool of paranormal insanity. I apologize now for any distress learning about this lunacy may cause.

If there’s any group more deserving of cannibalizing itself than those imbeciles drowning in their own disinformation in the idiotic, unscientific field of UFOlogy…I’m unaware of it. [...]  READ MORE


Hasenböl UFO footage and James Deardorff on the TALMUD JMMANUEL

Here are two never before published videos posted by FIGU. The first one explores the UFO photos and films that Billy Meier took in 1976 at the actual location.

The second video features the late James Deardorff speaking about the TALMUD JMMANUEL and why it’s the original text on which the Book of Matthew is based. Deardorff also talks about Kal Korff’s failed attempt to debunk Meier’s evidence, where Korff actually inserted lines in the photographs to falsely imply that Meier had suspended and photographed UFO models. [...]  READ MORE

New Billy Meier Book with 617 newly Digitized UFO Photos!

Yes, it’s a real book.

And it’s not only an antidote to too much online reading, it’s also a skeptic’s nightmare, as the clarity and reality of Billy Meier’s UFO photos, dating back 50 years, are brought to life through digital enhancement. For the first time, you’ll be seeing the details of the UFOs in Meier’s original 35 mm film photos – taken long before the digital age, PhotoShop, etc. – with stunning clarity. Of course we’re also grateful for digital tools such as PhotoShop, for what they’ve already revealed about some of Meier’s most unusual UFO photos[...]  READ MORE

Saying Goodbye to the Skeptical Challenge

Regarding the controversy about duplicating Billy Meier’s UFO photos and films

It’s now been over 10 years since I first challenged the top professional skeptics at CFI-West/IIG, in Los Angeles, and others, to duplicate Billy Meier’s spectacular UFO photos, films, video, etc. During this time there have been no shortage of attempts, of varying quality, to do so. Of no surprise to me has been the fact that Derek Bartholomaus, the most recent spokesman for CFI-West/IIG in Los Angeles, had to retract his on record claim that Meier had in fact used model UFOs and miniature trees in his photographic evidence. In order to fully appreciate what this has led to, let’s establish a little background for the controversy over the authenticity of Meier’s photographic evidence. [...]  READ MORE

Cover-Up Ends as Secret UFO Evidence Released!

The new press release, and linked information, explains how the Plejaren provided me with an advance warning of the diabolical machinations of Kal Korff and his real plans to use our proposed mutual DVD project to try to destroy Meier’s mission.

This verifiable, accurate information constitutes the best new evidence of the authenticity of the Meier contacts.

In less than 12 hours, this is already one of our most widely circulated press releases internationally!