From the Depths of Outer Space

Billy Meier’s warnings about Apophis preempted NASA by…23 years

You might remember that Billy Meier’s warnings about asteroid Apophis preempted NASA by…23 years, and that we translated them into six languages and published an illustrated version here.

This was my first blog about Apophis and here is my first press release about the dangers to Europe from Apophis:

UFO Contactee Warns Apophis Asteroid Could Devastate Europe

Since then, the Russians and the Chinese called for scientists to deflect asteroid Apophis  – which the Plejaren had told Meier was the safest way to prevent its impact with earth. [...]  READ MORE

USGS Scientist, UFO Prophet & Mars

Ken Herkenhoff received Billy Meier’s prophetic info BEFORE “new discovery” corroborated it!


On March 4, 2019, I personally met with Ken Herkenhoff at the USGS, and presented him with some of Billy Meier’s Mars information, as shown in a previous blog, and which preempts “official discovery” by decades.

Not unexpectedly, Herkenhoff wanted to dismiss Meier’s information as being “good guesses”. However, he wasn’t as good a “guesser” as Meier, since he attempted to rebut Meier’s information about lightning on Mars* by writing: [...]  READ MORE