The Position of Women in the FIGU – Article 1

Author: Hans Lanzendorfer (formerly of CG49 FIGU Switzerland)

Translator: Anthea Cossette

Translator’s Notes:

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Die Stellung der Frauen in der FIGU – Artikel 1
The Position of Women in the FIGU – Article 1
Author Hans Lanzendorfer (CG49 FIGU Switzerland)
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The Censored Predictions of Jeremia and Elia

What the ancient prophets actually foretold is now upon us

In the recent blog about the Italian earthquakes, I posted references from the Contact Reports and the Henoch Prophecies. This led some people to try to dismiss Billy Meier’s information because it’s already well known that Italy is a very earthquake prone.

What I didn’t post in the article was the ultra-specific information about Vesuvius given to Meier regarding the exact location and depth of the magma chambers, as well as their great volume, which was scientifically corroborated…14 years after Meier published it. [...]  READ MORE