When a Skeptic Gets It Right

Cheers for Michael Shermer, and more frantic fears from Ben Davidson

I recently took long overdue action against failed skeptic Derek Bartholomaus, who had crossed the line of factuality, as well as decency, in his vain and libelous attacks on Billy Meier.

Cheers for Michael Shermer

And while I’ve often faulted skeptics like Michael Shermer for their ridiculously prejudicial, unscientific attempts to debunk the Billy Meier UFO contacts, instead of actually investigate them, I’ve pointed out my agreement with, and respect for Shermer on previous occasions and I’m glad to do so again. [...]  READ MORE

How to End the Gender Bathroom Problem

Getting to the bottom of America’s most urgen tissue

Since it’s apparently futile to try to wake people up to what’s going on right in front of their eyes, let’s address an issue that’s riveted the world’s attention on a problem that’s flush in the face of millions of Americans.

We in the US seem to have an inordinate amount of time on our hands (or is it glands?) that we spend creating issues that most other people in the world haven’t had the luxury of worrying about. Consider that we’re the first country to create a huge business out of charging people money to…lose weight, while much of the world doesn’t have enough to eat. [...]  READ MORE