Anthea Williams Cossette: In Memoriam

Our dear friend, Anthea Williams Cossette, passed away on Sunday, July 8, 2018. I first met Anthea in 2000, at the first Passive Members meeting in Oklahoma. At the time she was married to Andrew Cossette. I didn’t see her again until a similar meeting in Prescott, Arizona, some years later.

From our very first meeting, I was impressed by Anthea’s strength of character, intelligence and dedication to the mission. We reconnected almost a year ago, in July 2017, when she let me know that she was living in Flagstaff and we met a number of times for lunch or coffee whenever our busy schedules allowed. While we didn’t see each other often, I looked forward to our get togethers because Anthea exuded warmth, a noble kindness and a genuine loving quality that were unique and memorable qualities. [...]  READ MORE

This Circle in the Middle

Why I have no respect for your beliefs and hope you feel the same way about mine

To be honest, all of the myriad religions, and their believers, claim that theirs is the one true religion. As others have also pointed out, this makes them all wrong and untrue.

As I have said to people in person, and I will repeat here, I have absolutely no respect for yours or anyone’s beliefs, religion, etc. And, as I have also said, I hope people feel the same way about mine, should they discover that I have any. [...]  READ MORE

The Spiritual Teaching

The connection between the Plejaren, Merlin, King Arthur and our future survival

While the hundreds of articles in this blog contain much information about the news of the day, including how Billy Meier specifically foretold so much of all that is unfolding in our world, the core element, the reason for the Meier contacts is the spiritual teaching.

The following article is included in The Goblet of the Truth, which can be read online for free here. For those who wish to own this wonderful book its available here[...]  READ MORE

An Anti-Matter, Right-Wing, Crying Fruitcake Competition

See what happens when pudgy religious hysterics try to out weep each other!

Rarely have we seen such irrationality from passionate political pundits as the recent Cheeto self-dermabrasion facial by Glenn Beck. But Beck’s ablution didn’t go unnoticed by Alex Jones, who tried to one-up him by using one of Beck’s own signature emotional breakdowns, baby babbling and crying-on-camera while invoking Sky Daddy to protect this great (presumably all-Christian) nation, and Jones and his children. It was an anti-matter moment as Jones broke down, nearly unintelligible himself, as he called Beck demon-possessed. Demons, in case you didn’t know, are the equally imaginary, equally human-created, dirty tricks team of the equally imaginary Satan, the nemesis of the equally imaginary God Guy. [...]  READ MORE

Now Right-Wing Radio Host Echoes Billy Meier’s Prophecies

We all have some common concerns and occasionally overlapping insights, how we address them is often another matter entirely

In order to avoid confirmation bias or becoming a “true believer” it’s important to be exposed to views that seem contrary to one’s own.

In my own pursuit of the truth I not only attend events presented by skeptics, which fortunately led to my two presentations of the Billy Meier case at NAU, but I also listen to right-wing talk radio now and then. It doesn’t bother me that I occasionally find agreement with certain things that people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, etc., say. As human beings, we all have some common concerns and occasionally overlapping insights. How we address them is often another matter entirely. [...]  READ MORE

The Truth They Dare Not Speak

False flags, overpopulation, religious delusion, rampant racism, terrorism, police shootings…now you know why

In these two profound, recent Contacts, Billy Meier discusses some of the most pressing issues of the day, including how the NSA (National Suicide Agency) contributed to the coming demolishing of the country formerly known as the United States of America, by acting in complete disregard of the law of cause and effect. While presuming that this immutable law could be cheated if the world didn’t know what sinister machinations were involved, this version of pull-the-blanket-over-your-head-and-the-monsters-will-disappear won’t play out that way. To the contrary, all of the monsters thereby created are now on a relentless march, a kind of macabre…homecoming[...]  READ MORE