Helpless to Help?

While all of this plays out as it now must, we renew our focus on going inward, as well as banding together in righteousness to help each other

As more news emerges about so-called variants of the coronavirus, those of us who’ve followed the recommendations from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, at least since February 25, may feel a certain increased sense of helplessness, specifically being helpless to help.

We’ve watched as various “officials” have floundered, bungled and proved themselves to be utterly unqualified in their handling of the disease. We’ve despaired that every outreach to local and national officials – and especially the media – has been ignored, suppressed, stonewalled and censored by the most grossly negligent, incompetent individuals imaginable. [...]  READ MORE

You’re Not Alone

No matter how lonely and hopeless things may seem, love is the real reality that never abandons us 

Many of us who’ve long been aware of the now fulfilling predictions about these times have been trying to warn and help people prepare as best they can. A small team of people have sent many thousands of emails to governmental and medical officials, scientists, educators, journalists and all forms of media.

The response has been underwhelming.

While we continue to share the information with those who are interested, we’ve been gradually withdrawing to prioritize taking care of ourselves and those closest to us. We realize we must also rebalance ourselves, attend to our own thoughts, feelings and what we need to be doing in our personal lives. [...]  READ MORE

Take a Deep Breath

We’ve tried politics and religions for millennia – with utterly disastrous consequences – now let’s learn the way to live.

Everything is connected in the oneness. That’s the good news. And that’s the bad news.

When Donald Trump violated all international laws, to say nothing of decency, humanness and the law of cause and effect, he may have made your life, your work and your relationships harder as well.

While most Americans don’t go around fixated on the Iranians, Iraqis, or even the Russians and Chinese, our country has long been hated by many peoples around the world. They don’t hate us for our freedoms, they hate us for what we’ve done to theirs. That hatred just got supercharged by Trump’s despicable actions. We may not yet fully realize what it means that many, many millions of people are quite consciously directing intense anger and hatred against our country and, thereby, against…us. [...]  READ MORE

18,000-Year-Old Dog Bites Scientists!

Rabies are least of worries, dried out Kibble also found


A cute little, 18,000-year-old dog or wolf pup may appear to be a fascinating, delightful find but it’s bad news for scientists and others who are climate deniers.

The reason it’s bad news is that it’s another indication of the, mainly ignored, melting of the permafrost in places like Siberia which, just because we don’t see or know about it, is still occurring.

Please see this article, from 10 years ago, as a reminder of that which is now already underway, increasing and…unstoppable. As is almost entirely untaught, worldwide, there’s a little thing called the Law of Cause and Effect, an immutable law that Billy Meier has been effectively writing about in his environmental warnings for a long time. [...]  READ MORE

Can YOU Solve The UFO Puzzle?

All you have to do is answer HOW Billy Meier obtained the evidence and/or information


With so much interest in, and conflicting and confusing information about, UFOs how do you determine the truth for yourself?

For decades, the governments of the world have denied the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Now, there’s a seeming flood of  admissions about the existence of both, coming from these same sources.

Of course, UFO enthusiasts uncritically believe that there are literally millions of people being contacted and/or abducted by so-called “aliens”. And there’s a whole industry based on this kind of UFO disinformation, replete with various charlatans, frauds and profiteers trying to extend their proverbial “15 minutes” at the expense of the real truth. [...]  READ MORE


Who among us hasn’t also tried to hide from that which was real and true?

As I reflected on the dishonest attempt by Mick West to debunk Billy Meier’s UFO film, for a moment I saw an overgrown child, with no self-awareness of how transparent his motives were, fearfully and from atop a ladder, desperately trying to make some bogeyman or imagined monster go away in order to rid himself of the perceived threat to whatever safer version of reality he’d constructed and clung to.

Truly, who among us, at some point in our own lives, hasn’t also tried to hide from, or lashed out desperately against, that which was real and true but that we perceived, for whatever reasons, to be an existential threat to our own being and sense of self? [...]  READ MORE

The Complete 1981 Petale Prophecies

For the courageous minority that can handle the truth and value their own survival

An extraterrestrial human race has been in contact with one man on earth for almost 80 years. Their purpose has been to help us assure our own very threatened future survival, without directly interfering in our lives.

As a consequence of having allowed centuries of false leadership, self-enslavement to politics and religion, humankind has plunged itself into endless bloody conflicts. Disregarding the laws of nature, we’ve also set in motion now unstoppable environmental destruction.

For many, it will be a painful realization that no one is coming to save us from ourselves and that we are solely responsible for rectifying the situation and healing ourselves and our planet.

A Warning

Recently, FIGU Australia published this very disturbing article that contained a portion of the 1981 Petale prophecies, which I originally read in 1986. While it seemed incomprehensible at the time, unfortunately it no longer does and there’s actually quite a bit more specific prophetic information in it that pertains to you and…everyone on Earth.

When one reads the rest of the information, their first reactions may be despair, confusion, disbelief, hopelessness, etc. However, allowing oneself to dwell in such states is pointless and irresponsible. [...]  READ MORE