Unfit to Lead

If prayer doesn’t work after a few millennia, go shopping

As the circus comes to town, as it does every four years, we are treated to the latest crop of unwise, slickly groomed, polished panderers who vie to hold the reigns of power.

Even while the long foretold prophecies unfold, now encroaching on the comfort and sensibilities of the citizens here, the predictable platitudes are uttered so as to gain favor in the eyes of the voters.

Let’s Pretend

Two candidates, Rand Paul and Chris Christie, have jumped at the opportunity to criticize those who would dare point out that the emperor, or in this case the Guy-in-the-Sky, has no clothes. You see, both Paul and Christie strongly endorse hurling prayers heavenward to an imaginary deity to fix everything and are very critical of those who think otherwise. In light of the non-existent Supreme Being’s abysmal track record of zillions of unanswered prayers spanning millennia, the illogic of such things should now, more than ever, be screamingly apparent. [...]  READ MORE