Bringing the Prophecies to Fulfillment for the Happily Enslaved

In 1958, Billy Meier warned of the diabolical plans of the US and the EU (a quickly burgeoning dictatorship that didn’t even exist at that time) to biometrically chip and enslave…everyone. In the same warning he foretold how the brain-dead, dumbed down, hypnotized masses would have so willingly allowed themselves to be seduced by phantasmagoria that they’d no longer be able to distinguish between the real and the illusory. This was in the same prophetic information in which he also foretold AIDS, plastic credit cards, portable telephones and the internet among other things that have now come to pass. [...]  READ MORE

Can’t You Make This…Easier?

Regarding: The verification of copyrights, etc.

I’m responding here to the fourth comment on my recent blog that referred to another remarkable confirmation of scientific information published by Billy Meier years before “official discovery”.

The person posting the response raises some points about the difficulty they have had in trying to verify copyright dates for Meier’s information. I’ll address the issues they raise and occasionally quote directly from their comments.

The Problem

“My biggest problem with Meier’s case, is that I’ve never been able to personally verify the copyright date of any of Meier’s material. [...]  READ MORE

An Open Letter to the Radio Show Hosts

Dear Esteemed Hosts,

I thank you for the opportunities that you’ve extended to me to present the Billy Meier material. Please pardon this public format but I have been receiving emails from listeners to many of the shows I’ve done with you, over the past 10 years.

What I’m now hearing the most about from them is the way in which Meier’s prophecies keep coming true. As you may also know, many people always ask, “Why doesn’t he predict something new so we’ll know it’s true?” My answer didn’t always satisfy everyone, “Keep watching the news and checking back to see if what he already foretold is coming true.” [...]  READ MORE

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mars

Over-inflated, bruised egos may be among the biggest obstacles to overcome in order to accelerate our journey to the planets and the stars

I had no sooner posted my blog about Stuart Robbins, the protégé to Phil Plait, then someone sent me a link to Plait’s latest blog at Discover Magazine about recent NASA discoveries of water on Mars. Of course, as had been pointed out previously, Billy Meier had already published information about the presence, and discoveries, of water there as far back as 1976* and 1987. [...]  READ MORE