Sunday’s podcast covered the following topics: Creation and Striving Counteracting the prophecies through equalized positive and creative thinking and force Inspiration, how do you get inspired? Discipline – using it creatively and applying it to creativity Understanding Creation is vital to understanding the teaching and thus, the mission at large Collectives and the benefits of… Read More

Jones echoes Meier’s warnings about coming American civil wars For several years, we’ve sent Alex Jones Billy Meier’s very specific – and impeccably accurate – prophetic warnings, as well as all evidence showing that the Meier UFO contacts are singularly authentic. Jones has never acknowledged, published, nor commented on the information, despite Meier being the… Read More

My invitation to debate Nick Pope and other so-called “UFO experts” Debating so-called “UFO experts” The State of the Onion Make America Gyrate Again Questions from Viewers NEW: Cell Phones CAN Cause Cancer* *NOTE: You can now get two FREE RayGuard phone chips AND a special discount by using this code MH1212! You’ll find more… Read More

Salome friends from all over the world, As discussed in the previous blog post (click here), we have moved into a new age of the mission, and with it, comes new innovations and adaptions while maintaining the timeless position of the teaching. It is very important that one confronts the truth – and the truth… Read More

Students are revolting…so what else is new? Interactive, taking viewer’s questions live! Butter for Brains: Revolting Students March Update on the One True Religion Viewer’s Questions Organization Using Technology to Spread Hate Worldwide Mt. Etna on the Move             Wondering about getting a RayGuard? Watch this video on the dangers… Read More