Storms Unleashed, Lessons Unlearned

As the prophecies fulfill, the people pray and perish

It is to be hoped that nothing as severe as the recent hurricane in Texas happens to Florida and its population, lest the tragedy be further compounded by a similar, brain-dead, terminally deluded, response as that which came from the Governor of Texas. Yes, the surviving residents should now offer prayers to the imaginary, non-existent, ancient cult deity of life and death who, clearly as capricious and vengeful as ever, literally rained down death and destruction on a huge city, and to whom also, choke, gratitude should be offered for having spared them the fullness of his wrath. [...]  READ MORE

The Law of Provision

Prosperity and abundance are, first and foremost, of an inner nature and are expressed in joy, love, peace, freedom and harmony

Forging Our Destiny

As Billy Meier said, “You are the smith of your own destiny”. And that destiny, like everything else in our lives, is directly connected with and determined by our thinking, through the might of our thoughts. He has made it clear that a thought is a might unto itself and that properly controlled, consciously formed, neutral-positive thoughts bring forward the desired results in time. [...]  READ MORE

Wrong-Headed Human Beings

Just some items to shake your head at this weekend

There are right and wrong ways to use the might of the thoughts, that which emanates from our minds and…heads.

Having lost both, conservatives figure that funding what amounts to mass suicide (or genocide for those who would prefer to live) is a great idea because, at least until everyone’s choked out by the pollution, they can still make money off of it. Is this a great country, or what?

Hey, here’s a great idea! Cremate your body, fill your dead head with anti-freeze and…have a nice someday[...]  READ MORE

The Dangerous Arrogance and Ignorance of Pamela Geller

Such fearful false bravado is the antithesis of calm and careful, strategically effective tactics.

I recently posted comments on the Jihad Watch blog where people were extolling the virtues of Pamela Geller’s spit-in-you-face cartoon show, featuring defamatory depictions of Mohammed. That was the event at which two terrorists were killed before they could attack.

It’s a strange thing that so many Americans still perpetuate the adolescent “We’re number one!” behavior at every opportunity, in this case with total disregard for others who think, feel or believe differently than they do. The majority of Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism but are deliberately, publicly insulted by the characterizations, which are perpetuated on that blog. [...]  READ MORE

Getting It Out of Our System

While I have posted information on the Ebola epidemic, and Meier’s prophetic warning about it, and I have posted Meier’s information about the secret societies, I think it’s wise to avoid becoming overly focused on, and contaminated by, the contagious consequences of consciousness consuming, conspiratorial content.

I’m posting a couple of articles as sources of information, which one can check out for themselves, in the hopes that while we inform ourselves wisely of such things, and see them as they are, being mindful of the nocebo effect (as is being commented on here) we still remember that it is our own thoughts that must be observed and controlled in a neutral-positive fashion so that fear and helplessness do not dominate our thinking: [...]  READ MORE


UPDATE: It should also be pointed out that Billy Meier’s prophetic information about the now very evident alliance between Russia and China (see: Russia and China Unite…Now when and where Did We Hear that Before?) that he first published in 1976, is also to be found in the Prophetien document from 1982, referred to below.


It’s funny how something can at first not seem relevant and then produces a big “ah ha!” moment. Recently, Ruben Dari asked me if there was a book with the 1958 Letter in it. I told him that there wasn’t but that there was a book that actually had some of the same prophecies that are in the Henoch Prophecies (HP). Then I had that moment of realization that the existence of many of those same prophecies were then covered by an even earlier, verifiable copyright date than the HP which, while first written down by Billy Meier in 1987, were only officially published in German in 2002. [...]  READ MORE

“…when big parts of the continents disappear”

It seems that yet another of Billy Meier’s prophecies is on its way to fulfillment and of course no one’s paying attention.

In his Warning to All the Governments of Europe, written in 1958, Meier states, in sentence number 127., “And in the Third Millennium when the time comes when big parts of the continents disappear…” While the sentence goes on to say that people would be “creating phantasmagoria, through movies and television, as well as later through a worldwide netting of computers and electronics,” which is also beyond remarkable, we should first notice that there are seven continents on Earth. [...]  READ MORE