Censorship of Billy Meier from Discovery?

In response to this article published last year on Discovery, I attempted to post the following:

“Of course those people who are familiar with the abundance of specific, prophetically accurate scientific information published by Billy Meier – long before “official discovery” – were already well aware of his information about this from…2008:

Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens and the Star Child Skull

Similarly, those who are familiar with the story about the 5,100 year old, so-called Iceman, will be interested to know that Meier was given, and published, the EXACT cause of his death at least 5 -10 years before it was, er, “officially discovered”: [...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: The Future of America, Obama and…Asteroid Apophis

UPDATE: Eight months after Billy Meier reports that scientists will soon make discoveries about the three remaining forces still unknown to them, it appears that the first of these breakthroughs may be about to be made. Once again, the authenticity of Meier’s contacts with extraterrestrial human beings is demonstrated by verifiable prior publication of scientific information.

While the discoveries have yet to be made, and the skeptics will still try to nitpick, intelligent people will contemplate just why a so-called “simple Swiss farmer” is not only publishing this kind of information but how he’s consistently published prophetically accurate scientific information up to decades in advance of “new discoveries” by NASA, JPL and scientists worldwide. In addition to being documented on this blog, over 50 specific, ironclad examples are contained in the new documentary, as the time fulfills[...]  READ MORE