The UFO Contactee & Experiencer Delusion

Why would extraterrestrials travel through space to contact the most idiotic people on Earth?


One of the most amazing delusions that has overcome a large number of human beings is the claim of being a so-called UFO contactee. This is also now called being an “experiencer” and it’s indicative of just how successfully dumbed down, hood-winked, and brain damaged people have, willingly, allowed themselves to become.

And it’s been created – and promoted throughout the UFO community – by the same secret military and intelligence services that have long tried to keep the truth about the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts from you. What better way to do it than to start to convince people that…they are contactees and “experiencers”? [...]  READ MORE

It’s Graduation Day

Life has pushed us into the pool and for some it may feel like the deep end

When one reads this rather sobering information, it’s very easy to fall into denial, despair, hopelessness, depression, etc.

But instead of succumbing to that, it’s better to view this as the opportunity to really put into practice the spiritual teaching.

While many of us read and discuss the teaching in terms of broad stroke aspects of our lives, reflecting on how and when we first found it, the improvements we’ve made in our personal lives because of it, etc., we now have the opportunity to make a quantum leap in both our own understanding and our application of it. [...]  READ MORE

Too Little, Too Late But…

As was the case with the recent Pentagon report, a new report from a United Nations panel confirms what Billy Meier specifically warned about – decades ago – and what any objective, thinking person now recognizes as true. While the report gives some slight, false hope the fact is that manmade climate change is now inescapably irreversible.

The Big Picture

There is a great lag in time between when Meier presented his evidence and official recognition and corroboration of it. Meier’s UFO photos from decades ago were recently authenticated…as of course others also previously were. [...]  READ MORE

New Age Blues

“You got affirmations you practice patience you visualize and you chant

but down beneath like a little thief the belief still says, ‘I can’t.’”

New Age Blues, 1986

The above is the first verse of my comedy song about the hyper-happy New Age movement…and the things it preferred to cover up with wishful thinking rather than delve into consciously.

A few years later, in 1990, I created my Standing in Spirit program (aka Consciousness Awareness Workshop), the focus of which is to consciously uncover and transmute the limiting underlying issues, problems, patterns and beliefs – of which we are usually unconscious – that are controlling our behavior. [...]  READ MORE

Conspiracies & Consciousness, Part I

Assume that it’s all falling apart, that the evil elite, the bankers, insaniacs and all the psychopaths of the world are on a rampage, that things will continue to break down and the prophecies will fulfill to the letter, with the religions, governments and entire nations ultimately crumbling and taking a lot of people with them in the process. Accept that you may never know the entire truth about 9/11 or Apollo 11, the Illuminutty or Silly Putty. So what?

Sorry, We Underestimated Your Stubborn Denial [...]  READ MORE

I Don’t Want to Know

Or oh no, not more bad news

I’m sorry to have to remind us all so early in the new year that, in addition to the unpleasant reality about Fukushima, the unreported consequences of the BP Gulf Oil Disaster also didn’t just…disappear. As Billy Meier was told, in the 495th Contact, on August 11, 2008, the consequences of the disaster are, and will be, more far reaching than admitted or imagined.

While the alternative news sources are often guilty of sensationalizing stories in the tradition of supermarket tabloids, there is often more substance to them (and reality is looking pretty tabloid these days anyway). A case in point may be this story on the oil disaster in which we see a photo of what are called “poisonous tar balls” and what Meier referred to as “oil agglomerations”. [...]  READ MORE

New Study Confirms Stress Reducing Benefits of This Program

We teach what we need to learn..and practice what we teach

A new study confirmed the anti-burnout, stress relieving benefits of mindfulness meditation programs.

In 1990, Michael Horn created just such a program, which he has taught to individuals and groups internationally in a Consciousness Awareness Workshop, also known as Standing in Spirit.

Derived from his more than two decades of Chi Gong practice, the program includes processes to help dissolve subconsciously held patterns, influences, behaviors and beliefs that, as Prof. Bruce Lipton has said, control 95% of our lives. The easy-to-follow instructions are available on a DVD that also includes a bonus segment with information on the Billy Meier case. [...]  READ MORE