More Information Regarding Neanderthals

Here’s a new article in the New York Times pertaining to recent discoveries about Neanderthal DNA. More is slowly being learned about Neanderthals and their relationship to modern human beings, some of which was already told to Billy Meier by the Plejaren several years ago.

Even more detailed information was given to Meier a few years later. It’s very reassuring to know that our scientists are slowly catching up in matters such as these.

Here’s my most recent radio appearance on the Meria Heller Show. I can assure you that no Neanderthals were harmed in the making of this show. The remaining degenerated ones were safely busy screwing up the world. [...]  READ MORE

Pinch Me the…PENTAGON Corroborates Billy Meier’s Prophetic Warnings!

The New York Times today announced a new report from the Pentagon that warns of climate change as a “threat multiplier”. The report so specifically names the increased risks that humanity is now facing that it effectively corroborates the prophetic information published about all of these concerns – decades ago – by Billy Meier.

Beginning in 1951 and 1958, Meier spelled out the dangers of unnatural (manmade) climate change and global warming, etc., all of which he reiterated in 1964.

While the new Pentagon report cites almost every manifestation that Meier has been warning about for over 63 years, noticeably absent of course was the underlying cause for all of it…overpopulation[...]  READ MORE

The BP Disaster: Science slowly Catching up to Billy Meier

In a new op-ed piece in the New York Times, two concerned, highly qualified science writers, S. Elizabeth Birnbaum and Jacqueline Savitz, express their concern for the damage done by the BP Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, four years ago. They also express concern for the possibility of new damage from present and future drilling, etc.

Of course soon after the disaster, Billy Meier published information given to him by the Plejaren that already revealed the true extent of the damage, much of which still remains unknown to, or suppressed by, scientists today. The now being reported effects on wildlife are still not fully understood, as is the damage that will continue to the environment, human beings, the food chain, etc. (Meier was also immediately informed of the true extent of the damage regarding the Fukushima disaster, which also is now only beginning to be revealed.) [...]  READ MORE

Obama and the Drone Dilemma: Caught between Iraq and a hard Place

Having succeeded in getting the U.S. out of Iraq, the pressure now mounts on President Obama regarding his apparently very reluctant intervention in Syria, as well as the all-invasive use of drones at home and abroad.

While the article by Peter Baker in the New York Times may serve to antidote some of the infectious, gleeful condemnatory piling on, by not only the right wingers but the often equally shallow thinking liberals and left wingers, an even fuller explanation of what was then yet to come, can be found in this presciently accurate information, published by Billy Meier in September 2012. (Search: Obama, drones) [...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: Scientists Make “New Discovery”…37 Years AFTER It Was Published by Billy Meier

Earthquakes tied to oil drilling – now where have we heard that before?

UPDATE!!! News published today in the European edition of the New York Times again confirms the connection between the extraction of oil and gas and earthquakes – as specifically pointed out to Billy Meier by Semjase 37 years ago. To quote, “The quakes were caused by the extraction of natural gas from the soil deep below.” Don’t wait for the false “leaders” and “scientific experts” to tell you what you can now see and understand for yourself. [...]  READ MORE