UPDATE, November 29, 2014: Drought-hit Sao Paulo may ‘get water from mud’: TRFN For more than 10 years I’ve referred to the Billy Meier case as “the key to our future survival”. While I’ve also pointed out that it’s the only scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case, spanning more than 72 years, I’ve tried to… Read More

Certainly it’s best to let people figure things out for themselves. Of course if one simply looks at the Henoch Prophecies (HP) now they see things like the foretold upsurge in Islamic fanaticism, as well as the very specific Russian military movements and the exact countries that Russia is already now engaging in some manner,… Read More

Watching the Henoch Prophecies continue to unfold…right in front of everyone’s noses  We could also call this Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately, Part III, as we now see revelations about Germany’s complicity with the NSA and Poland’s turning away from the US. Of course prophetic information about all… Read More

UPDATE: Two new developments, pertaining to both Russia’s military movements and climate change, can be found here and here*. There is, and most likely will be, no shortage of reporting (and hand wringing) about Russia’s new military move into Ukraine. So this is a brief blog to simply remind everyone of what is long foretold regarding… Read More