Harvard Prof. Avi Loeb’s Search for ET Is Over

For the sake of science and human evolution, dare to have a “Galileo moment” and let the new epoch begin

Below is a copy of the email that I sent Harvard Prof. Avi Loeb, who’s been courageous enough to dare to discuss the possibilities of extraterrestrial life and that we are not alone in the universe, despite the less than warm reception he recently received from many in academia.

Perhaps, as we approach the 409th anniversary of Galileo’s Sidereus Nunciusfor the sake of true science, and human evolution, Prof. Loeb and his associates will also dare to have a “Galileo moment”… and look through the telescope.* [...]  READ MORE

Skeptics Wrong Again: Billy Meier’s “Energy Ship UFO” Authentic

New Documentation, New Award and New Offers!

Skeptics Wrong Again: Billy Meier’s “Energy Ship UFO” Authentic

Prof. Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock have now completed their new photo analysis of the highly unusual Energy Ship UFOs photographed by Billy Meier. Some years ago, a couple of very aggressive, skeptical radio show hosts – one of whom, David Biedney, referred to himself as an expert in PhotoShop, etc. – had quite loudly and arrogantly proclaimed that these photos were deliberately hoaxed double exposures, etc. As is consistently the case…the skeptics have been proved wrong again. [...]  READ MORE