While we’re going to focus less on the evidence in the case, the corroboration of the prophecies, etc., and more on our own thinking and the thought processes by which we create all areas of our lives, we won’t abandon all interest in these other areas. So let’s look at what kind of thinking some people apply to… Read More

NOTE: Should Stuart have dropped the image of the WCUFO into PhotoShop, fiddled with increasing the brightness and decreasing the contrast and yet failed to see the craft hovering over a gravel road, next to a grassy area with a fence post and shadow, and upon further fiddling should he have not perceived the so-called “halo” around the… Read More

Let’s try something easy for a change. I’m inviting Stuart Robbins – and all the rest of the skeptics and members of the UFOCI – to simply…test this photo:   Notice that I even said…please. Here’s the drill, drop it into PhotoShop, increase the brightness, lower the contrast and let’s see what you come up with. Since we… Read More

Over this past weekend I managed to take the time to stir up some hornets’ nests, three of them to be precise. I sent a message to a number of skeptics, scientists and so-called “UFO researchers” The purpose of the message was to inform them that, considering the abundant, easily verifiable evidence, new authentication of… Read More

NOTE: Please see update posted at end of article below.* It’s been many years since numerous scientific experts authenticated Billy Meier’s UFO photographs, films, sound recordings and metal samples. Nonetheless, many people have neither understood, nor accepted, the validity and significance of these findings. Their skeptical cry for access to now long gone negatives, etc.,… Read More