Bermuda Triangle Update

Billy Meier’s scientifically corroborated information, from 1989, also answers questions about disappearance of planes

A recent article again identifies methane gas bubbles as being responsible for most of the disappearances of ships in the Bermuda Triangle area. While it’s not the first article to suggest this explanation, we previously published  Billy Meier’s information, provided to him by the Pleajren extraterrestrials, that first explained the methane connection pre-dating any of these “official discoveries”. [...]  READ MORE

George Noory Publishes Billy Meier Prophecies on C2C

Meier’s prophetic and predictive information now available to Noory’s worldwide audience

True to his word, George Noory has posted documentation pertaining to Billy Meier’s prophetic information on the C2C website. Noory had volunteered to post the information during his interview of Michael Horn on November 23.

This precedent-setting opportunity gives free access to Meier’s voluminous information, corroborated prophecies, predictions and authenticated UFO evidence, more people worldwide can now discover and research the long suppressed and singularly authentic contacts between Meier and the Pleajren extraterrestrials, spanning almost three-quarters of a century. [...]  READ MORE

The Cynical Fraud that Is SETI

The ongoing, deliberate cover-up and concealment of the Billy Meier UFO case keeps SETI in business

“If some day we receive an information-rich signal from another star, no one expects it to be written in English, Chinese, or Swahili. Instead, researchers engaged in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) often suggest that mutual comprehension will come through the language of math.”

Thus spoke SETI’s resident prophet, Douglas Vakoch, who in the most unscientific of terms confidently declared how an extraterrestrial race would make contact with us, while also leaving out German, the actual language in which the Billy Meier contacts have been conducted for the past 73 ½ years. Vakoch’s prognostication has also proved to be further incorrect because thousands of pages of the information have already been translated into English and other languages. [...]  READ MORE