Michael Horn Live, EP 24

Effort by MUFON “FX Expert” to duplicate Billy Meier’s UFO photos fails

Michael Horn Live, EP 24

  • Pope Says There Is No Hell
  • More about Smoking Marijuana
  • Huge MUFON “FX Expert” Fail!
  • People Want to Belong
  • Human Brains Grown in Mice
  • MMA & Kindness
  • Online Beauty Salon: Download the App!

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For those who haven’t seen the Dulce Presentation, here it is:

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Marching to Oblivion

This new article, forwarded to me by J. Smith, appears to confirm what Billy Meier explained in regards to how the west is provoking Russia…and what it may lead to, which was also long ago foretold in the Henoch Prophecies.

as the time fulfills

Yes, we the people were warned but, as this news also shows, other parts of the Henoch Prophecies continue to unfold, moment by moment, before the world’s unseeing eyes.

163. If the human being of Earth continues to live in the same way as he has done up to now—forming his thoughts and feelings in the same manner, indulging in the same actions as he has hitherto—then the words of the prophecies of Henoch could not be any clearer. [...]  READ MORE

Mother Teresa…Is Anyone really Surprised?

Is anyone surprised that Mother Teresa appears to have been far less saintly than she made herself appear? Perhaps some people are but for those who read this blog the fact that Billy Meier long ago published the harsh and unflattering truth isn’t surprising.

Of course as the seemingly unlimited degeneracy of the Catholic Church continues to be revealed, we can get a prophetic sneak preview of what is finally to come to it under the leadership of the final pope.

Yet Another Prophecy Being Fulfilled before Our Sleepy Eyes?

The 30-year anniversary of the war between Argentina and Great Britain over the Falkland Islands was recently noted, as well as the growing dispute regarding oil rights in the area.

If one was cynical they might think that British Prime Minister David Cameron’s claim that they were only concerned with upholding the rights of the Falkland Islanders to “determine their own future” was simply diplomatic/political doubletalk, i.e. lying.

Whatever one may think, a careful read of Quetzal’s unambiguous, prophetic words to Billy Meier – 31 years ago – about the long range ramifications of the (then coming) war between the two countries may be of interest, especially as it relates to the prospects of a Third World War. [...]  READ MORE