The 10% Solution

Or: Terrorists don’t care and they don’t sing kumbaya

It’s certainly heartening to hear that over 3 million people gathered together in solidarity in France. And I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade but let’s be sober enough to know that genocidal terrorists aren’t concerned with how many…unarmed people line the streets, wave their flags, express sadness and outrage, etc.

As I previously suggested they might even view such things as opportunities, though certainly there’d be some armed presence to contend with. There are already indications that they are using their familiarity with modern tools (usually reserved for more inane but less potentially harmful communications) to pursue every means of destabilization. [...]  READ MORE

Stirring the Hornets’ Nests

Over this past weekend I managed to take the time to stir up some hornets’ nests, three of them to be precise. I sent a message to a number of skeptics, scientists and so-called “UFO researchers”

The purpose of the message was to inform them that, considering the abundant, easily verifiable evidence, new authentication of same and the endorsement of a NASA aerospace engineer (linked from here), I was adding their names to the list of those who endorsed the authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case, unless I was informed to the contrary. As you may imagine, I received a number of very quick responses to not be included, from each of the groups. [...]  READ MORE