Did Victor Davis Hanson Just Endorse Billy Meier Prophecies?

Repeats UFO prophet’s warnings about coming Second American Civil War

While I recently sent a private email to Victor Davis Hanson congratulating him on his article, The Origins of Our Second Civil War, I think that I should have congratulated him instead on apparently discovering, and now echoing, Billy Meier’s prophetic information. Perhaps Hanson was a bit too…shy to openly mention it so, despite his modesty, I want to give him the recognition he deserves.

For anyone who might think it’s mere coincidence, all that have to do is peruse Hanson’s prolific writings to see that there doesn’t seem to be any specific, discernable evidence that he’d previously come up with all this on his own, thoughtful and incisive as they may otherwise be. [...]  READ MORE

New Translation of the Talmud Jmmanuel!

The true teaching of Jmmanuel, falsely known as “Jesus Christ”

Considering the worldwide importance of the man upon whom a major religion was founded, who was said to have raised the dead, walked on water and been magically resurrected after his own death, the fact that there is zero historical information about him has largely been ignored.

One can find numerous books, histories and biographies about people like Julius Caesar, and many others, born a century or more before “Jesus”. Yet not a one of the dozens of historians living in the overall area, during those ancient times, ever wrote about a man named “Jesus Christ”. [...]  READ MORE

As the Time Fulfills (Part 8)

The horror of the attack in Paris by Islamic extremists reminds (some of) us again that we were warned but didn’t listen to the prophecies and predictions published by Billy Meier, beginning in the early 1950s.

We even spelled it out in this blog, almost four years ago, and have published numerous other warnings, references, corroborations, etc., ever since.

Now, jumping to a seemingly unrelated matter, I had received links to this story from a number of people a few days ago, pertaining to the disappearance of the Mayan. Of course Meier was told about the connection between the drought and their disappearance, as far back as 1989. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier Accurately Predicted Recent Dangerous Solar Activity

While we may laugh at, or be troubled by, the ersatz “spirituality” of the New Agers, the reality of the truth contained in the prophetic warnings in Billy Meier’s information is no laughing matter. In fact, it is Meier’s record of virtually impeccably accurate, preemptively published scientific information that clearly sets him apart from the poseurs and pseudo-psychics, some of whom plagiarize him in concocting their own disinformation.

It is intended that through recognizing the credibility of the source we would also then proceed to study the spiritual teaching and other advice and recommendations from the Plejaren for intelligently and peacefully solving our largely self-created, worldwide problems. [...]  READ MORE

The Things He Fears the Most

NOTE: I thought this would be of interest in light of the overall Hornet’s Nest topic…and before I post the MUFON update on Thursday.

I recently had the opportunity to engage in an exchange of emails with someone outside of the UFO field who said that they had very high level contacts in a number of, political, entertainment and scientific fields etc., in fact all the way up to the…White House. There were a few things that I learned in these exchanges that were both surprising and a bit disappointing. To me they confirm what Meier and the Plejaren have long said about our beliefs-dominated behaviors. [...]  READ MORE

The Little Fish that Could

Or why aliens just may not be making pretty designs in our fields

Several years ago, I asked Billy Meier about the crop circle phenomena. In the late 1990s, I had expressed my opinion in a UFO magazine article that they seemed like they were made by “somebody”, meaning extraterrestrials, who were giving us some lessons in the creative use of power without doing harm.

Since the appearance of crop circles, there’s been much conjecture, outright hoaxing, mysterious lights, certainty among some that there are very intelligent, extraterrestrial beings sending us encoded and/or cryptic messages, etc. Billy Meier and the Plejaren are on record as saying that most are manmade, which has certainly aroused some ire. Also, Ptaah had once remarked that if any are being made by extraterrestrials, they are a very indirect, ineffective way to communicate anything important, as opposed to directly contacting the people of Earth and telling us just exactly what they have to say. [...]  READ MORE

Silent Subterranean Seismic Screams…Do We Have Your Attention Now?

Once again – doncha get tired of hearing that? – a, pardon me, “new study”  confirms information give to Billy Meier from the Plejaren extraterrestrial human pertaining to how seismic activity, i.e. pertaining to earthquakes, can foretell explosive volcanic eruptions.

A hopeful sign is that it only took scientists…five years this time to catch up with Meier’s information, which was verifiably provided to him in 2008.

Now, while it’s hard to resist expounding on this new corroboration (which we can add to those already presented in a 22-minute segment of as the time fulfills) and pointing out what absolute dolts and suicidal imbeciles we must be to still not even want to grasp the reality – let alone the unique historical significance – of Meier’s dual role as the only authentic UFO contactee and the prophet for the New Time…I will resist doing so. [...]  READ MORE